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    Originally posted by awinatl View Post

    Kelly was much better than Kiffin , Oregon was most relevant while he was there with sick speed guys everywhere, playing in a super fast break offense and sometimes wearing cool uniforms and his stuff even worked in the NFL for a brief instant. But he refused to change and adapt and one of those guys who thought his stuff can work regardless of talent and certainly not one to put in the work recruiting

    NIL and the portal especially is taxing on the guys who just want to coach football and now he just gets to draw up plays and run them but he's a control freak so no idea how this will work out
    Ehhhhh...Bellotti was the guy that built Oregon...Kelly just managed it and was flashy for 3 years with few big wins, scored alot...gave up alot of points on D

    Kinda like Butch taking over for Kelly and getting credit

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