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    Florida: 32 yards per game
    LSU: 33.3 yards per game
    Vanderbilt: 41 yards per game (4 games)
    Georgia: 42.3 yards per game
    Auburn: 47 yards per game
    Alabama: 48 yards per game
    Mississippi State: 48.7 yards per game
    Missouri: 48.7 yards per game
    Ole Miss: 52 yards per game
    Kentucky: 55.3 yards per game
    South Carolina: 56 yards per game
    Texas A&M: 64.3 yards per game
    Tennessee: 67.3 yards per game
    Arkansas: 81.7 yards per game

    And flags thrown per game per team on average so far:

    LSU: 3.3
    Vanderbilt: 4.5
    Georgia: 4.7
    Mississippi State: 4.7
    Auburn: 5.3
    Alabama: 5.7
    Ole Miss: 5.7
    Florida: 6
    Missouri: 6
    Kentucky: 7.3
    Texas A&M: 8
    Tennessee: 8
    South Carolina: 8.3
    Arkansas: 8.3

    Penalties seem to have been numerous during the Heupel era. Some of that maybe because of the tempo; Saturday night was because of brain farts and the crowd getting into our heads.

    Not to mention poor officiating.

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      Carrot Garland jumping on 4th down when anyone with 3 functioning brain cells knew they weren't going to snap the ball… hope Rotnei made him run the bleachers until he passed out.

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      YOUR 2021 Picking Match champion.

      Tammy, get me some hash-browns.

      It ain't nothing to me to whoop a man's ass.


        What was it Dooley said....Yeah it seldom works but you have to try it in case there's one idiot? ....or something like that.