This article sez the Vols don't have anything to worry about regarding NIL deals and the NCAA. Nothing has changed in their rules, it's always been against the rules for boosters to induce a player to sign with a team with extra benefits.

Spyre is well aware of these rules, so is the UTAD. Both are very confident that they are just fine with how they've used NIL deals.

The fact is, the NCAA can't legally enforce their rule on this matter. If they try, a big collective like Spyre, with resources and lawyers, are going to hand the NCAA their legal asses. It's a clear violation of anti-trust laws for the NCAA to try to tell athletes that they can't sign contracts with Spyre, regardless of their status as college players or even as high schoolers.

I don't believe the NCAA will even be involved with college football in the near future. I think the conferences will break away and form a new organization to replace the NCAA.