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How Rich Strike won the Derby

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    Originally posted by Bill Morgan View Post
    Skipping the Preakness.

    I would have watched to see if we could get a triple crown, but I'll skip it now.

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    Dang....Hate that.


      "Last year, a two-year-old colt finished dead last in his first race. Disappointed, his owners placed him in a “claiming” race where anyone could take the ownership for a fee. An older man purchased the colt after missing the chance to claim another horse he wanted. He said it was his last attempt to find some success in the racing industry.
      The colt won by 17 lengths, and his new owner was encouraged. But, in the races that followed, he finished third twice, fourth once, and fifth once. His owner, however, still believed in him.
      2022 was the colt's only chance to race in major thoroughbred races, which are limited to three-year-olds. The day before the Kentucky Derby, the field of horses was already full, but then, at the last moment, a famous trainer scratched (withdrew) his horse. The colt took that place in a field of twenty horses, just 30 seconds before the entry deadline. Suddenly, he was in the game. He had a chance.
      All the metrics and predictors were against him. Neither his owner, his trainer, nor his jockey had ever been associated with any horse in the Kentucky Derby. His jockey had never even won a major event. They were decidedly outsiders and newbies in an extremely elite arena. On the morning of the race, his odds of winning were set at 80 to 1, the second longest odds in Derby history.
      Halfway around the track, the colt was 16 horses back from the lead. He couldn’t even be seen in the field of view of the drone camera flying above the race. He was a nobody, a throw-away, an inconsequential participant.
      But then, he made his move.
      He began working his way through the crowded pack, finding a few narrow, fleeting opportunities to improve his position. As they headed toward the finish line, he had miraculously moved up to fifth, then fourth, but still, no one had noticed him. Everyone’s attention was firmly focused on the battle between the two famous front-runners.
      Only seconds before the finish, he suddenly, almost magically passed the two front-runners. The announcer struggled to identify him and say his name in time. He said, almost in a single breath, “Rich Strike is coming up on the inside ... Oh my goodness! The longest shot has won the Kentucky Derby!”
      Where there is life, there is hope.
      Anything is possible.
      Don’t let anyone count you out.
      Persistence and determination beat the odds."
      H/T Cyd Cowgill
      Y’all wanna teach your kids a life lesson in 2 minutes? Show them the replay to the Kentucky Derby Race.
      1. Not the best starting position
      2. Not the biggest or best horse
      3. Only made it into the race on account of another horse having to scratch
      4. $30,000 horse against multi million dollar horses
      It ain’t always about having the best of everything or being the biggest and favored. It’s about the size of heart and dedication to win and excel in everything you do!
      Well done Rich Strike


        Originally posted by real turf fan View Post
        Aerial view of the race. With Rich Strike and Epicenter labeled. When RS's jockey said, "The track just opened up" you'll see what he meant.
        Truly amazing and unbelievable how that played out. Have watched it several times and still amazed every time.

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