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Eli Gold (Bama radio) shows class on game-winning FG call!

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    Originally posted by VenomousVol View Post

    Neo Nazis and Skinheads wear Doc Martins. A hobnail is hammered into the sole of a boot to increase traction back when everything had leather soles. Not much use for them these days with rubber soles.

    You know who wore the fuck out of hobnail boots? Our Doughboys in WWI to get traction in the muddy assed trenches. Appalachian coal miners, like my grandpa. He also got wounded in Europe as a member of the 3rd Army under Old Blood and Guts. Unfortunately, I never got to meet him because he died about 3 years before his first grandson, yours truly. came to be.

    But.... from everything I have been told by my mom and Uncle, if some limber dicked bastard accused him of wearing Nazi footwear, he would have permanently implanted those boots in said limber dick’s ass.

    Nazis wore Jack Boots. Yes, they also figured out the hobnail traction trick, but it was common knowledge for hundreds of years.

    Don’t get me wrong, this post is in no way intended to defend that gravelly voiced dead prick Munson. Fuck him and Wolfie and everyone associated with leg humper U. But I am 100% sure there were no racial connotations coming from the voice of the butt sniffers that day. That fuckwad was so old, he probably ordered a set of hobnail boots out of the first edition of the Sears catalog.

    Good stuff VV


      It’s considered Nazi to help Elcon’s claim and that is my final ruling.
      Elvis said find em young and Fred said old fashion girls are fun