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    Default "That's Alright, That's Okay, Were Going to be your Boss someday"-UT/Vandy Chat

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    ElConquistador joined the chat 6 days ago
    ElConquistador: First chat!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ElConquistador: How do you get to Vanderbilt Stadium? Answer in an hour 15:48pm
    Tnphil joined the chat 6 days ago
    ElConquistador: You go North till you smell it, then West till you step in it!!!!!!!
    10 uh C VOL joined the chat 6 days ago
    ElConquistador: Nobody's coming tonight!!!
    10 uh C VOL: coming where?
    ElConquistador: To the chat!!!! 45 minutes till, and there's only three of us!!!!!
    ElConquistador: I'm just horsing around..
    ElConquistador: Pregame sex. Check
    ElConquistador: Pregame Poop. Check
    ElConquistador: Pregame meal. Check
    ElConquistador: Pregame drink. Check
    ElConquistador: Im ready, Im ready Im ready......
    ElConquistador: Gonna go shower the rug rat, and be back soon!!!
    10 uh C VOL: Check, check, check
    AreSeeFiddyWon joined the chat 6 days ago
    AreSeeFiddyWon: That damn Les Miles is one luck SOB to be able to overcome Taco Chavis.
    TheHighlanderReturns joined the chat 6 days ago
    TheHighlanderReturns: Does Frito Bandito give it up like a $3 whore here?
    real turf fan joined the chat 6 days ago
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Probably, but LSU doesn't have to worry. Mazola will fuck it up.
    real turf fan: Meanwhile, any discussion of celebration in the end zone will end at Slive's door as LSU doesn't celebrate, they just jump around avoiding LSU farts
    TheHighlanderReturns: Ole Miss will miss a FG with no time
    Thurmond Von Douche joined the chat 6 days ago
    el Jeffe joined the chat 6 days ago
    MrTennessee joined the chat 6 days ago
    Thurmond Von Douche: I say, go Vanderbilt.
    TheHighlanderReturns: That boy had fucking cement in his cleats
    Thurmond Von Douche: foul mouthery!
    MrTennessee: we should of had Miles as HC if we were going to get stuck with Chavis all those years......
    volatiltitan joined the chat 6 days ago
    MrTennessee: mercy
    Thurmond Von Douche: Ol' Miles is one stiff chap, upper lip and what not
    AreSeeFiddyWon: I guess Thurmond is better than Roger.
    el Jeffe: where is rrrroger?
    real turf fan: Was this LSU victory enough to keep them #5 or will they fall a few notches? This doesn't do diddly for their strength of schedule
    Thurmond Von Douche: Don't make me break character
    TheHighlanderReturns: Von Douche? From the Massengil Von Douches?
    Thurmond Von Douche: dang it.
    Thurmond Von Douche changed name to Blacksheepvol 6 days ago
    volatiltitan: Hello all Hope UT puts candy away early so I can leave early--got tickets to craig ferguson in nashville at 9:45
    el Jeffe: thurmond, you need to pay rrroger's mom a visit
    Blacksheepvol: I'm not motivated enough to fake someone tonight.
    Blacksheepvol: There are only so many biffy jokes
    TheHighlanderReturns: You'd never make it as a hooker, then Blackie.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Good, that damn Roger shit got old last week.
    Blacksheepvol: My career aspirations are in flames.
    volatiltitan: No tv gonna have to listen to Blob
    Blacksheepvol: Roger wasn't me, but I'm sure 10 could tell us who it was.
    el Jeffe: blackie, ask not what your board can do for you, ask what you can do for your board
    AreSeeFiddyWon: espn3 vol
    TheHighlanderReturns: I thought Roger was the best fictional character since Elf.
    MrTennessee: nice to get the game this year on tv
    Blacksheepvol: 3rd and 7
    Blacksheepvol: hogs v dogs
    volatiltitan: Tried ESPN3 no good for me thanks anyway
    Blacksheepvol: threw it away
    real turf fan: Our very slow nephew visited this afternoon; no Roger, please, we're tired of protecting a 14 year old from electric outlets
    TadandBuffy joined the chat 6 days ago
    Blacksheepvol: CSS for the game... High Definition in my area.
    Black_Label joined the chat 6 days ago
    Blacksheepvol: I guess Buffy dumped Biff for Tad.
    Black_Label: Howdy folks
    volatiltitan: I have Directt TV, only way is ESPN game plan not going there
    Blacksheepvol: a mere 80 bucks
    Blacksheepvol: State helps Arky early
    TheHighlanderReturns: I thought Spurrier would go for the 100 today.
    volatiltitan: 80 buys a lot of alcohol
    Blacksheepvol: 8 buys a lot if you have the right goals
    el Jeffe: somebody is gonna get killed in a dugout at Army v ND
    TadandBuffy: It's an insult to have to associate with these miserable commoners
    volatiltitan: True Blackie
    Blacksheepvol: Time to mix a beverage before kickoff. Back soon
    10 uh C VOL: I sure hope that ESPN 3 is not lagging as far in our game as it is in the Arky/Miss St game
    MrTennessee: cant believe Army is finally 6-4
    10 uh C VOL: It is a full minute behind
    MrTennessee: the Army v Navy game will be against two winning programs
    TheHighlanderReturns: They got a head start on ESPN3. I was getting scoring alerts on the game 2 hours ago.
    10 uh C VOL: That would prove to make chat very difficult
    volatiltitan: Why is Army wearing the screaming eagle on their right shoulder?
    volatiltitan: Irish rockin the green jerseys
    TheHighlanderReturns: they used to wear the patch of the unit they were going too, but I doubt that many are going to the 101st
    volatiltitan: The whole team is wearing the same patch
    Vol-in-Atl joined the chat 6 days ago
    AreSeeFiddyWon: They should wear the unit patch of the MoH receipient.
    volatiltitan: Nice gesture from Army if so
    MrTennessee: 3 mins...
    OrangeIris joined the chat 6 days ago
    lynchburgvol joined the chat 6 days ago
    TheHighlanderReturns: What was the line on Arm
    lynchburgvol: Arky sure can score quick....that's what she said. ha
    OrangeIris: MTSU Raiders win.... think that's my first of the day .... even sentimental favs like Iowa. Now let's GO Vols!!
    MrTennessee: game time
    Blacksheepvol: MTSU wins have been far rarer than predicted this year.
    Vol-in-Atl: That Matt Stewart doofus is the announcer
    Blacksheepvol: That was a scary pregame shot of Dooley
    MrTennessee: yeah
    Vol-in-Atl: Looks like a Texas hs football game
    MrTennessee: why aint the whole stadium orange?
    lynchburgvol: Stadium is packed...must be 20k
    TheHighlanderReturns: Worse stadium: Tiger High or Candy?
    Blacksheepvol: Tiger high
    TadandBuffy: Doesn't our stadium look just fabulous, darling?
    Blacksheepvol: My gaydar is going off... the guy on the right has a bi-vibe
    Bill Morgan joined the chat 6 days ago
    Vol-in-Atl: Florida wr receiver
    Bill Morgan: This is Bill Morgan just this side of Maynardville
    TheHighlanderReturns: If he hasn't sucked one, he's seen one up close, Blackie
    Blacksheepvol: hint of lisp, oh yeah.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Time to slam some Commode Doors!
    Bill Morgan: Bailey is a fag
    TheHighlanderReturns: Bailey for Candy is dropping the "Cowboy" Ogre style
    AreSeeFiddyWon: That dude probably has been slammed in a commode.
    westcoastvol joined the chat 6 days ago
    westcoastvol: where is the game online (can't get espn3)
    Blacksheepvol: No Comcast Sports South in LA?
    Blacksheepvol: If you don't have ESPN gameplan, then you're hunting justintv or some such
    Bill Morgan: Did you try Channelsurfing and Justintv WC?
    MrTennessee: decent amount of orange in the stands
    TheHighlanderReturns: I'm trying to figure out how Directv can have every Comcast Sports channel EXCEPT Sports South.
    bluetick joined the chat 6 days ago
    Bill Morgan: yum
    TheHighlanderReturns: I'd hit it
    MrTennessee: directv and comcast in a bidding war?
    el Jeffe: allison
    Bill Morgan: She would look good on a Ritz cracker
    AreSeeFiddyWon: she's bangable.
    Blacksheepvol: AllisonWilliams is wearing too much
    MrTennessee: or fox
    el Jeffe: nice goobersmoochers
    TheHighlanderReturns: Not bad for CSS
    Vol-in-Atl: god shut up woman
    westcoastvol: I don't have directv
    TheHighlanderReturns: She looked like she'd be up for some back door action
    Blacksheepvol: returnto 24
    Bill Morgan: I'd Volunteer to give it to her
    Blacksheepvol: In comes Simms!
    Blacksheepvol: just kidding
    10 uh C VOL: I can see that I may not be chatting much tonight fellas...My ESPN 3 has some serious lag time
    AreSeeFiddyWon: This is gonna be a broadcast worthy of a high school football game. Still, better than blob.
    Bill Morgan: bice
    Blacksheepvol: 9 yds on first down
    Blacksheepvol: g jones catch
    MrTennessee: which is worse for vandy their pass or rush defense?
    lynchburgvol: Bray has a gun thats for sure
    volatiltitan: I am stuck with Blob
    Bill Morgan: yes
    AreSeeFiddyWon: I think the answer is yes Mr.
    Blacksheepvol: no gain
    Blacksheepvol: we run to the short side too much
    Bill Morgan: that sucked
    TheHighlanderReturns: Based on 2 plays, pass defense
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Why do we always run edge plays to the short side?
    Blacksheepvol: quick to the line
    Blacksheepvol: quick to snap
    Blacksheepvol: st down
    MrTennessee: tie now highlander
    Blacksheepvol: chat ate my fir
    VolDave joined the chat 6 days ago
    Bill Morgan: Bray looked like he was going to fall down hurrying to the line
    Blacksheepvol: we're running a reverse
    10 uh C VOL: Damnit, I am suffering a 55 second delay. I will probably holla at ya'll later
    Blacksheepvol: por nada
    westcoastvol: oh no-CSS? Is that Bob Bell and some retread football player?
    Bill Morgan: Bray with the block
    VolDave: Good evening ladies & germs
    TheHighlanderReturns: Tyler Bray = not a blocker
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Bray looked like a pogo stick taking on a house.
    MrTennessee: what in the world
    Vol-in-Atl: sellin out to stop the run
    Bill Morgan: 3rd and 5
    lynchburgvol: run game has not looked great lately
    MrTennessee: some guy with the lisp was talkin bout football and the other guy just pimped out an ad for creole spice
    Blacksheepvol: I can't believe he housed that!
    Bill Morgan: great job Bray
    Blacksheepvol: I'm gonna be bs-ing all night.
    lynchburgvol: good drop off
    TheHighlanderReturns: 1st down
    VolDave: Bray could have run for 10 around the left side
    MrTennessee: while the gu was talking
    Blacksheepvol: amazing camera work
    Blacksheepvol: e the shake
    Bill Morgan: shit
    VolDave: shit
    Blacksheepvol: love that is
    Blacksheepvol: bray's clock didn't go off
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Channelled some Simms there.
    lynchburgvol: holing it like simms there
    Bill Morgan: dump it to Poole
    MrTennessee: aw come on you let a vandy player sack you....get it together line
    Vol-in-Atl: nice move
    Bill Morgan: damnit
    VolDave: fuk
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Damn, Poole with a great move
    el Jeffe: dump in da pool
    MrTennessee: oh crap penn wagers doing the officiatin'
    TheHighlanderReturns: 3rd and Memphis
    Bill Morgan: Dooley's hair...perfect
    TheHighlanderReturns: I haven't seen this tard ref in a while
    Blacksheepvol: another gay one
    MrTennessee: the Dool gettin after the refs
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Wear him out Dooley!
    RIW left this message 6 days ago:
    Could use a pina colada!
    VolDave: Dooley could slice bread with the leading edge of his hairdo
    Bill Morgan: lol
    Blacksheepvol: let me take this one: CLICK JOIN CHAT
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Click "Join Chat" at the bottom RIW
    RIW joined the chat 6 days ago
    MrTennessee: thats a big jump on third downs
    RIW: oh shit sorry I'm 'that guy'
    Bill Morgan: hell
    TheHighlanderReturns: Do you have "The Chaney" RIW?
    Blacksheepvol: 3rd and 12
    Blacksheepvol: good blitz by
    Blacksheepvol: vandy
    MrTennessee: ow
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Bray stands in there though.
    RIW: I do! May he rest in peace
    Bill Morgan: Bray looking like he may be hurt
    VolDave: Bray's flak jacket is bigger than he is
    TheHighlanderReturns: Too many penalties that drive
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Looks like he got his bell rung.
    Blacksheepvol: I hope the heck not
    Bill Morgan: He was driven into the turf on his shoulder
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Maybe he just hit a bong before kickoff
    Bill Morgan: WTF was that?
    TheHighlanderReturns: Allison will put a little dirt on it for him and it'll be good
    Blacksheepvol: He must've landed between the blades of grass to get hurt. Skinny fool.
    westcoastvol: Who's Allison?
    Bill Morgan: sideline eye candy
    Blacksheepvol: sideline reporter eye candy
    VolDave: He was only trying to kick it about 30 yards and got an end over ender, Bill
    TheHighlanderReturns: Way better than you would expect for CSS
    Bill Morgan: I know VD...maybe I should have said that sucked ass
    Bill Morgan: We don't have luck with the rugby style kicks
    obi wan vol joined the chat 6 days ago
    Bill Morgan: Ole Miss played a hell of a game today
    TheHighlanderReturns: Is Cunningham a SR?
    VolDave: LSU lucky once again
    MrTennessee: yes
    Vol-in-Atl: yes, he is
    RIW: ESPN3 >>>Blob
    Blacksheepvol: Vandy starts like we did
    VolDave: crap
    Bill Morgan: Slick move there
    Blacksheepvol: option ate us alive
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Lathers got used.
    Blacksheepvol: two guys bit on the fake pitch
    obi wan vol: lathers was lost
    TheHighlanderReturns: Play your freaking responsibility
    MrTennessee: *sigh*
    obi wan vol: need art evans back
    obi wan vol: kidding
    VolDave: We are treating their receivers like they are Bama's receivers
    Blacksheepvol: Reveiz is an Admiralble player
    Bill Morgan: Non-HD sucks
    Blacksheepvol: wake up, D!
    Bill Morgan: Picking us apart
    Vol-in-Atl: trying to tire us out too
    AreSeeFiddyWon: vandy's coach looks like Weiss minus 150 pounds.....ok minus 250 pounds then.
    Blacksheepvol: This is ugly in HD, too
    el Jeffe: that little grill dude sucks
    VolDave: This is a 48% passer that is doing this
    Blacksheepvol: good stop
    Blacksheepvol: man up now
    westcoastvol: FINALLY found it online. Sheesh
    Bill Morgan: nice stop
    Blacksheepvol: very nice
    obi wan vol: yes
    MrTennessee: good stop
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Nice stop
    TheHighlanderReturns: That's why they're Vanderbilt
    obi wan vol: that's simply Vandy being Vandy
    Bill Morgan: damn he fumbled
    volatiltitan: where at westcoast?
    Blacksheepvol: fake
    AreSeeFiddyWon: I'm glad we are a team that doesn't do those dumbass helmet stickers.
    TheHighlanderReturns: fake
    Vol-in-Atl: i wonder who fumbles today for us?
    Blacksheepvol: touchback
    Blacksheepvol: don't they know to kick it too us?
    Blacksheepvol: Vandy is supposed to be smart
    AreSeeFiddyWon: No one, we aren't sending a returner back this week.
    Bill Morgan: look at the grass stains on Bray's right shoulder
    TheHighlanderReturns: I still say we should rush all 13 on punts and not put anybody back.
    Bill Morgan: lol
    MrTennessee: i think this next series willl show what kind of day we will be getting from bray.
    Blacksheepvol: we had someone back on that punt
    Blacksheepvol: he ran away when it went over his head
    AreSeeFiddyWon: He was just the decoy
    Bill Morgan: Gerald Jones
    RIW: Genius, THR!
    TheHighlanderReturns: That;s good coaching, Blackie.
    volatiltitan: Westcoastvol where did you find the game?
    Blacksheepvol: I want a green bike
    obi wan vol: that's so stupid
    MrTennessee: you can get one at Regions blacksheep
    obi wan vol: dang, his throws get out there quick
    Blacksheepvol: go deep
    TheHighlanderReturns: Wow that got it to Da'Rick without running the Da'verse
    AreSeeFiddyWon: haha that dipshit couldn't read his own graphic
    Bill Morgan: nice run Poole
    Blacksheepvol: close
    MrTennessee: come on Poole!
    Blacksheepvol: Vandy player with a bruised vagina
    el Jeffe: just chaffed I bet
    bluetick: Blob says vandy gets hurt a lot and punts alot
    lynchburgvol: ha
    Bill Morgan: Yeast infection
    Bill Morgan: He doesn't feel "fresh"
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Hey, Vandy's not bad....for an intramural team
    Vol-in-Atl: hurt feelings
    AreSeeFiddyWon: He's asking the trainers for some Grey Poupon.
    Bill Morgan: It's not innermurals brother!
    TheLegendJerryGreen joined the chat 6 days ago
    el Jeffe: burning itchy feeling
    Vol-in-Atl: feeling bloated
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Ogre in the ESPN3 commercial
    Bill Morgan: roundhouse from his own player
    TheHighlanderReturns: Monistat 3 vs. Monistat 7. When you're not in a rush to clear it up
    MrTennessee: so...vandy players taking own their own players?
    Bill Morgan: Great
    MrTennessee: POOLE
    TheHighlanderReturns: Do that all day
    obi wan vol: gashed
    Blacksheepvol: wow
    AreSeeFiddyWon: He's starting to believe.
    MrTennessee: where's Hawk at to go POOLE on big runs like that?
    Vol-in-Atl: looked like those holes Montario ran through last year
    obi wan vol: this team is going to be something in a few years
    Bill Morgan: Excellent
    MrTennessee: bahhahahahahahahahah that was set up nicely
    el Jeffe: oku
    Blacksheepvol: He was slightly open
    TheHighlanderReturns: Holy shot, an Oku sighting
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Great read!
    MrTennessee: sweet Oku being used as a WR
    VolDave: Oku!
    obi wan vol: scholly used
    Vol-in-Atl: Through it to RAndy Moss!
    Vol-in-Atl: yea
    MrTennessee: HUNTER
    obi wan vol: yes
    Black_Label: hooo ya
    AreSeeFiddyWon: TD-omatic
    obi wan vol: stud
    lynchburgvol: and the crowd erupts
    TheHighlanderReturns: That kid is special. And not tard special
    Bill Morgan: Unstoppable
    westcoastvol: SIX bitches!
    RIW: Great throw and catch
    MrTennessee: how did that sound on the Vol network?
    obi wan vol: nice adjustment
    volatiltitan: Westcoast where did you find the game?
    TheHighlanderReturns: Justin Bray to Da'rick Hunter there Tim.
    lynchburgvol: nice PAT
    westcoastvol: LINCOLN BITCHES!
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Blob: Dustin Rogers scores!
    Bill Morgan: Zach Rogers looks like a street bum
    VolDave: Give that sumbitch the ball about 10 times a game!
    volboy joined the chat 6 days ago
    westcoastvol: http://www.atdhe.net/25545/watch-te...
    Black_Label: Zack need a dang haircut
    el Jeffe: meth boy
    MrTennessee: bahahha
    circledrill joined the chat 6 days ago
    Vol-in-Atl: ohh
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Nice part of Vandy there
    circledrill: Starting my first George Dickel
    VolDave: damn, Vandy's cheerleaders are fatter than ours
    Bill Morgan: The sky's the limit for Hunter
    obi wan vol: Nike ball or Wilson? we will see
    obi wan vol: wilson
    Bill Morgan: that sucked
    VolDave: wilson
    Black_Label: Ugh here comes a pathetic Palardy kick
    AreSeeFiddyWon: With how high Hunter can jump I think the limit is low earth orbit.
    Bill Morgan: block to the back
    MrTennessee: one of the worstk ickoff coverages i've seen this year
    TheHighlanderReturns: How the hell can you only kick it to the 10?
    Blacksheepvol: 15
    circledrill: Wislon
    obi wan vol: highlander, that's what I want to know.
    circledrill: Wilson
    Blacksheepvol: that was a brutal post play block
    MrTennessee: that danged wilson fooball
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Buddy of mine said there were 10 people looking for tix for every 1 selling. Lowest price he heard was $65/per. Headed to a bar.
    obi wan vol: P.S. - Penn Wagers, this game will last til 4 am
    MrTennessee: it's not working like heck to go farther in the air
    obi wan vol: flag happy
    Blacksheepvol: he should try now.
    Blacksheepvol: they are probably discounted
    circledrill: check the film
    Bill Morgan: BS
    obi wan vol: what the
    obi wan vol: css doesn't do replays
    Bill Morgan: short kickoff + 15
    Blacksheepvol: hit rewind on the dvr
    obi wan vol: good call
    circledrill: ESPN3
    MrTennessee: vandy with 10 on O
    Bill Morgan: swallowed his ass
    Blacksheepvol: crushed
    Vol-in-Atl: eat em up!
    TheHighlanderReturns: That's vandy
    Bill Morgan: whew
    Vol-in-Atl: Just contain that little prick and that's all you gotta do.
    MrTennessee: good d on that play
    Blacksheepvol: that could've been 9
    Blacksheepvol: t off
    Blacksheepvol: rush 3
    Bill Morgan: nice job D
    obi wan vol: good
    golfvol joined the chat 5 days ago
    TheHighlanderReturns: The pope says it's ok to use a condom now, if you're banging a hooker.
    TheHighlanderReturns: btw
    VolDave: Smith is reverting to form
    Bill Morgan: Jacques was relentless, like the QB danced wiff his girl
    el Jeffe: lambskin or latex
    Blacksheepvol: another touchback
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Cody Pope?
    tebowisgay joined the chat 5 days ago
    Bill Morgan: ha ha
    TheHighlanderReturns: Latex.
    obi wan vol: cody pope
    Bill Morgan: Cody Pope uses corn husks
    golfvol: Well I tried to take the family to the game tonight. There were TN people everywhere and no tickets under $75 a pop. Needless to say I am now at home watching the game.
    TheHighlanderReturns: Cody Pope. How's that stinger coming?
    westcoastvol: the raging vegetarian!
    el Jeffe: allison
    Bill Morgan: Allison makes me have that special feeling
    MrTennessee: good land what a business.... $75 a pop for tix to a game with two teams with losing records
    TheHighlanderReturns: If the go to Allison, they should at least put her on camera
    tebowisgay: Lambskin against Cody's religion
    obi wan vol: she's very knowledgeable
    obi wan vol: that alli
    Blacksheepvol: hold
    Vol-in-Atl: goddamnit
    Bill Morgan: another damn flag
    TheHighlanderReturns: hold
    VolDave: you must be easy Bill, she ain't that hot
    el Jeffe: very cerebral
    obi wan vol: penn throws another one
    obi wan vol: i loathe him
    Blacksheepvol: she's an xray tech, evidently
    westcoastvol: hahaha TIG
    Blacksheepvol: lol, twice
    obi wan vol: douche bag
    golfvol: no flag
    Vol-in-Atl: I think these guys are new
    tebowisgay: then why throw it douche?
    Black_Label: Way to call that Mr Tennessee
    TheHighlanderReturns: We're on CSS, Dave, grading on a curve
    westcoastvol: yeah SUCK IT VANDY
    Bill Morgan: I am easy VD, but she looked pretty damn good tonight'
    Bill Morgan: nice
    VolDave: nice catch
    westcoastvol: at least it ain't Holly Rowe
    circledrill: nice pass
    obi wan vol: GJ is clutch on third
    MrTennessee: solid
    Vol-in-Atl: dang that kid is clutch
    TheHighlanderReturns: Da'rick-verse coming up
    MrTennessee: Bray looks to be gaining confidence...throw da bomb
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Is CSS > CBS College Sports?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Oh cow! A correctly executed 3rd down
    Bill Morgan: Holly Rowe would eat her...
    obi wan vol: throw it to denarious hunter
    tebowisgay: anybody elses CSS signal shitty?
    VolDave: Holly would eat anything
    westcoastvol: If it were Holly Rowe, and the game blew out, they'd throw it to her and she could comment on how Vandy's hot dogs taste compared to UGA's.
    obi wan vol: or darick jones
    TheHighlanderReturns: Holly Rowe. That's 2 good looking women, there.
    Blacksheepvol: great hd here
    Blacksheepvol: oku fights hard
    MrTennessee: tig looks like a signal from the 90s
    Bill Morgan: nice run Oku
    TheLegendJerryGreen: CSS "HD", yeah right. Looks blurry as hell>
    tebowisgay: mines pizeling and shit
    Blacksheepvol: you guys unlucky. the signal in the 'boro is crisp
    Bill Morgan: nice
    westcoastvol: online signal is crisp, in spite of the shitty camera angles
    obi wan vol: gj again clutch
    circledrill: another nice throw
    Bill Morgan: loco
    el Jeffe: jared jones
    VolDave: #4 can flat play
    Vol-in-Atl: got our first loco sign
    Black_Label: Now, can you guys ever see Simms making that throw?
    golfvol: hendersonville has a good hd signal
    RIW: remember when we couldn't buy a 3rd at any lenght
    MrTennessee: no
    circledrill: no way Simms
    obi wan vol: simms who, I've blocked that out from my memory
    MrTennessee: simms would of had been sacked 6 times now
    TheHighlanderReturns: Does he work at Subway, jeffe?
    golfvol: we saw simms hold the ball on the play and get sacked
    Bill Morgan: With Son of Simms, we were 0-30 on 3rd downs
    el Jeffe: haha
    Black_Label: He would have overthrown that or taken a sack
    VolDave: Actually I can see Simms making that one, BL since he had about 10 seconds to work with
    tebowisgay: probably this fucktard cable
    westcoastvol: "It;s the pressure! YOU try standing back there and taking all those hits!"
    obi wan vol: he can go smoke a blunt with his big bro now
    Bill Morgan: Simms did take some big shots
    obi wan vol: he's one big shot from being the starter again too
    Bill Morgan: shhhhhhhhhhhh
    VolDave: He actually thinks he's gonna win the job back in the spring
    westcoastvol: wow Miss State has some heifer cheerleaders. No wonder they have cowbells.
    Venomous joined the chat 5 days ago
    Bill Morgan: Only if he Tonya Harding's Bray's knees
    TheHighlanderReturns: Is Poole knicked?
    MrTennessee: i think so highlander
    VolDave: We need a DaRickverse
    obi wan vol: thought rajon was the back up
    Bill Morgan: Hole was to the left Oku
    VolDave: Neal has apparently backslid in practice lately
    MrTennessee: that stat says.....you suck
    westcoastvol: That was the "Run Up Munoz' Ass Memorial Play"
    Bill Morgan: Please get Poole back
    TheHighlanderReturns: sneak
    Vol-in-Atl: shit
    Bill Morgan: fack
    circledrill: Poole needed
    Venomous: Oku sucks
    obi wan vol: quit dancing oku
    bluetick: grrr
    MrTennessee: go for it
    VolDave: bad play call
    AreSeeFiddyWon: 3 and 1 and he lines up 8 yards deep? WHY?
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Trying to give him enough carries so he doesn't transfer?
    RIW: what's the fing tent for???
    circledrill: I am guessing Poole is hurt
    TheHighlanderReturns: should've sneaked. they only had 4 men on the line
    VolDave: batter question is why is he in the game?
    tebowisgay: Neal hurt or something?
    Bill Morgan: Anybody listening to Blob...any news on Poole?

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    VolDave: Oku has passed Neal
    bluetick: commercial
    Black_Label: Bill, Bob just called Oku Poole, twice.
    Bill Morgan: Andy Kelly needs to get us some info
    Bill Morgan: LMAO BL
    Venomous: Bob sucks worse than Oku
    tebowisgay: News?,m Blob? hahahahah
    TheHighlanderReturns: sc d getting gashed
    Bill Morgan: Good
    Bill Morgan: Fuck Monte and Ogre
    Vol-in-Atl: what channel is sc on?
    tebowisgay: Monte hides his own easter eggs
    TheLegendJerryGreen: They should play this game at Greer Stadium
    Bill Morgan: lmao
    BrassVols joined the chat 5 days ago
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Score?
    TheHighlanderReturns: 792 on directv
    bluetick: heh
    bonevol joined the chat 5 days ago
    BrassVols: Chaney lived up to his haircut on that 3rd down call.
    Venomous: Poole looks OK per A. Kelly
    Black_Label: Making Poole do cuts on sidelen.... may be ankle
    Bill Morgan: pick 6
    TheHighlanderReturns: yeah, that was bad, brassie
    MrTennessee: force a turnover d!
    TheHighlanderReturns: waggner time
    Bill Morgan: hell
    el Jeffe: far
    VolDave: shade of Ole Miss
    TheHighlanderReturns: vereen in the game?
    BrassVols: Come on Wilcox
    Vol-in-Atl: yes
    westcoastvol: C'mon, Justin! Scheme it you bastard!
    BrassVols: 25 yards in 3 running plays formn inside 10. Play like men, not pussies
    Vol-in-Atl: thin everywhere dumbass
    Bill Morgan: nice
    wku vol joined the chat 5 days ago
    TheHighlanderReturns: gordon blew that up
    el Jeffe: who's the homo
    westcoastvol: All I know is Chavis owes the LSU OC a blowjob or two for pulling his turdcutter out of the fire today
    MrTennessee: good job gordon
    AreSeeFiddyWon: nice job Gordon!
    circledrill: thin slow weak
    tebowisgay: Gordon is a ballplayer
    wku vol: Boys, Trying to watch on ESPN3 and chat is a bitch!
    westcoastvol: wku watch it here: http://www.atdhe.net/25545/watch-te...
    Bill Morgan: punt pussies
    tebowisgay: no sir reeeee
    AreSeeFiddyWon: You need two monitors WKU.
    TheHighlanderReturns: all the girls hate the high, hard one
    RIW: hi hard ones!!!
    Bill Morgan: damn...
    el Jeffe: sob
    Vol-in-Atl: got the idiocy continues
    TheHighlanderReturns: dear god
    VolDave: Larry Smith may have a strong arm, but he can't hit the broadside of a barn
    Blacksheepvol: yikes
    MrTennessee: lets just not try to return punts anymore....
    el Jeffe: we r retarded on pr
    AreSeeFiddyWon: good grief!! We turn STUPID on PR
    BrassVols: God bless America
    tebowisgay: anderson meet Mr. asschew
    westcoastvol: I was getting ready to ask why we have so many people returning punts. now I know why
    BillyMays joined the chat 5 days ago
    Blacksheepvol: oh, the games on tomorrow. What am I watching now?
    Bill Morgan: Can Devrin Young catch the damn ball?
    VolDave: I think Anderson was afraid it might hit our guy if he let it go
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Maybe Carson Anderson should get a shot.
    BillyMays: WHO WANTS A FUCKING TOOL BANDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BrassVols: Wazzup FLVol?
    Vol-in-Atl: i thought g jones was returning this week
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Hi Billy! Hows the coke?
    tebowisgay: I still want my money back from that glue puddy shit
    Bill Morgan: Put Daniel Hood back there
    TheHighlanderReturns: that's a vicous rumor, fiddy. everbody knows it was roid induced
    VolDave: Did you really buy that crap tig?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: The Sham-wow guy said he's gonna kick your corpse in the nuts.
    tebowisgay: Ball will stick to the plunger
    westcoastvol: If john ward was still calling them, he'd say "Daniel HOOD...lays...the...WOOD​"
    tebowisgay: yes it sucked
    Bill Morgan: WTF is the Tennethee offenth?
    TheHighlanderReturns: timeouts saved?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Timeouts Saved? WTF
    MrTennessee: come on stocker
    Vol-in-Atl: thats like Obamas jobs created or saved
    westcoastvol: a friend of mine went as billy mays for halloween. complete with powder around his nose. pretty convincing.
    tebowisgay: Luuuuke trying to makr mr Puuuuke
    Johnny Majors joined the chat 5 days ago
    westcoastvol: shoulda come out last year
    Bill Morgan: Nice grab Moore
    Blacksheepvol: first down
    Blacksheepvol: that was a fumble. I'm glad they didn't review it
    Pitifulmer joined the chat 5 days ago
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Bray really spreads it around.
    TheHighlanderReturns: poole back in. i feel better
    westcoastvol: Stocker's gonna have to blow it up at the combine.
    circledrill joined the chat 5 days ago
    Johnny Majors: Yeah what was up with Poole?
    westcoastvol: ankle
    VolDave: I wish we had recruited Chris Marve. He can flat play
    circledrill: need Poole
    el Jeffe: allison can tell us
    Pitifulmer: we went for Robert instead
    Bill Morgan: yum
    tebowisgay: Bray needs to do crazy sign when dools calls TO
    TheHighlanderReturns: ball catchers? whi is the catcher of the balls?
    TheLegendJerryGreen: These announcers need to stick to doing Gwinnett County HS football games. I yearn for Twibell and Leach.
    BrassVols: we've got issues at RB
    westcoastvol: we have seven different catchers of balls tonight
    Bill Morgan: Leach looks like he is hypnotized
    Johnny Majors: I got this bitch on double windows with chat and ESPN3, pretty fucking sweet setup.
    Bill Morgan: Nice Johnny
    Pitifulmer: You guys have the Fulmer look a like on commercial now? He even used the term "equity".
    Bill Morgan: Any bourbon left?
    westcoastvol: Hey Johnny, how much George Dickel have you thrown back tonight
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Me too, shitty part is there's no way to keep the video fullscreen and type in chat at the same time.
    el Jeffe: carl is homo
    westcoastvol: "Muhm-ferd"
    wku vol joined the chat 5 days ago
    Johnny Majors: Now if I can someway work a tug job into the equation, it would be great
    Bill Morgan: Da'Rick
    VolDave: DaRick!
    BrassVols: Stud
    TheHighlanderReturns: 2 catches tonight
    MrTennessee: holy da rick caught something
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Da'Rick Da'Down Da'Field!
    LeonVol joined the chat 5 days ago
    Vol-in-Atl: Day rick got up and got it
    Johnny Majors: Hell of a catch
    LeonVol: just got home... is this game on tv anywhere?
    circledrill: great play on the ball
    Pitifulmer: fat bitches clapping like crazy all over Knox County
    Bill Morgan: CSS Leon
    Blacksheepvol: the yellow line broke
    westcoastvol: Leon: http://www.atdhe.net/25545/watch-te...
    circledrill: Poole
    VolDave: damn, Sunshine's lil Bro looks like a bum
    BrassVols: sniper took out poole's knee from row zzz
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Three colors of orange on the road unis.
    Blacksheepvol: 3rd and 1
    TheHighlanderReturns: Chris Doehring. That explains the lisp, Blackie.
    bluetick: espn3.com picture seems better that atdhe.net
    circledrill: Poole moves the pile
    Pitifulmer: one shade is ball sweat I believe
    circledrill: OKU drops
    Vol-in-Atl: poole gimpy
    TheHighlanderReturns: sneak this time, tard.
    westcoastvol: we need to get BillVol on the case as to why there's all these different shades of orange
    MrTennessee: wow long time for that stat
    BrassVols: WTF happened to Pooles power T?
    Blacksheepvol: first
    VolDave: I hope O
    Johnny Majors: Poole just gets yards men
    Blacksheepvol: it appears to have shaved itself off
    VolDave: ku took notes onn how he did that
    BrassVols: Did that fucking Hamilton start buying el cheapo T decals?
    Bill Morgan: Nice playcalling
    VolDave: It's all about the profit margin Brass
    el Jeffe: wet glue decals
    tebowisgay: Jones channeling Da'rick
    Johnny Majors: We're going with the Pittsburgh Steelers look now
    golfvol: how do you think we got in the black?
    TheHighlanderReturns: gotta keep th net up
    Pitifulmer: play action there would've been nice
    TheHighlanderReturns: 1st
    Bill Morgan: Way to fight Oku
    VolDave: Nice run there Oku
    TheHighlanderReturns: He did take notes
    MrTennessee: yay oku you're learning how to run
    golfvol: nice pointing oku
    Johnny Majors: Oku pleading his case
    tebowisgay: T decals reason #456783 to fire Hammy
    westcoastvol: Hey Vol Fans! How would you like to help us keep the power T on our helmets! You can by joining the Volunteer T-Head Club. Just $300 a month lets you help a player keep his letter on. Sign up today!
    TheHighlanderReturns: shitty spot
    VolDave: Shitty spot there
    AreSeeFiddyWon: We got fucked on that spot.
    MrTennessee: bahahahha so sad but so true wcv
    BrassVols: I wouldnt mind to see TW33 at RB for a few carries
    Pitifulmer: sounds like a deal, westie
    westcoastvol: Sad thing is, some people would bite on it.
    Pitifulmer: Phil Fulmer WAS a big something
    VolDave: fulmer would have challenged the spot
    Pitifulmer: got it
    TheHighlanderReturns: should've done that when Oku lined up 8 yards deep earlier
    Johnny Majors: How much did Peyton weigh when he was a freshmen? Anyone. Anyone?
    tebowisgay: Dianabol fixes 210
    TheHighlanderReturns: Corner to Da'rick coming up
    VolDave: 195
    Pitifulmer: nice!!
    Black_Label: woo hoo
    VolDave: Denarious
    Vol-in-Atl: oh that was fucking sweet
    BrassVols: MOney babeeeeeeeee
    TheHighlanderReturns: All DMO does is catch TD's
    MrTennessee: that was a great adjustment by Denarious
    Johnny Majors: Moore will get a shot in the NFL
    AreSeeFiddyWon: W00T!
    Bill Morgan: Bray's on far
    lynchburgvol: denarious jones with the TD
    Johnny Majors: VolDave: Seriously 195 on Peyton?
    BrassVols: THat ball didnt take too fucking long to get there
    VolDave: i thought that was denarious hunter
    westcoastvol: hahaha lynch
    tebowisgay: stay skinny my friend
    napervol joined the chat 5 days ago
    TheHighlanderReturns: Tim Priest. Talk about Jonathon Bray.
    el Jeffe: i think a homeless guy killed rogers and took his uni
    napervol: what is black 76 on helmets
    westcoastvol: Day'Rick Denarious Pope on the TD
    VolDave: Yeah, JM he was as skinny as Bray. BTW Bray don't go 210 either
    Bill Morgan: Zach Rogers needs to be picking up garbage
    BrassVols: Neal sighting. I guess they scraped him off th ewall.
    TheHighlanderReturns: galbreath somebody said
    TheHighlanderReturns: on the 76
    tebowisgay: Cody Pope stinger tribute
    napervol: thanks
    westcoastvol: that sounds about right
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Z Rodgers is a roadie for Widespread Panic now
    lynchburgvol: I wonder what Tom Brady would have to say about Zach's beard?
    bluetick: Zach Rogers has a shopping cart instead of a locker
    Pitifulmer: dammit, I benched Moore in my SEC fantasy league......but thankfully replaced him with Hunter
    Black_Label: Now please kick the damn ball better
    Johnny Majors: Bray needs a nice diet of full flavored Budweiser. That will get some weight on his ass.
    Vol-in-Atl: actually pretty nice kick
    VolDave: we switched to nike for that KO
    TheHighlanderReturns: Pope needs to have that thing wrapped up with 3 ft of tape every week just for effect\
    Bill Morgan: 76 is how many gold rap albums Aaron Douglas projects to release
    napervol: super ball
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Billy must've gave Palardy a line.
    tebowisgay: funny Morgan
    Vol-in-Atl: pick
    Black_Label: nice
    Bill Morgan: Swaggner
    el Jeffe: pw
    Johnny Majors: Waggoner
    TheHighlanderReturns: Waggner time.
    VolDave: that boy knows how to find the football!
    tebowisgay: what no TD?
    TheHighlanderReturns: First one not returned for a TD, i think
    lynchburgvol: waggner has some sticky hands
    BrassVols: WTF???????? No Pick 6?????????????
    BrassVols: WTF???????? No Pick 6?????????????
    Johnny Majors: Put his ass at flank
    Pitifulmer: damn, how many picks is that for him?
    Bill Morgan: Hunter fade
    MrTennessee: Prentiss learned from Eric Berry
    Johnny Majors: 4
    Venomous: bench him
    TheHighlanderReturns: rogers fade
    Bill Morgan: Come on Gerald
    VolDave: shgit
    Pitifulmer: wow, Hunter wide open on the outside
    Vol-in-Atl: Denarius
    VolDave: That was Moore
    MrTennessee: run zee ball
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Had hunter open too. Trying to get 4 a TD
    TheHighlanderReturns: was moore, actually
    Johnny Majors: I like that they went for the throat. Fuck Vandy
    westcoastvol: John STOKES mother FUCKERS!
    Bill Morgan: damn
    el Jeffe: allison
    BrassVols: They're reading our runs big time
    lynchburgvol: Stokes will kill you with his brain
    westcoastvol: show us your cooter
    MrTennessee: wish we'd run that toss to the bigger side of the field....
    tebowisgay: yeah but we got a guy 3.16 in sports mgt
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Doing my Blob impression.
    Bill Morgan: lmao
    TheHighlanderReturns: allison is better on camera than mic.
    Johnny Majors: Poor man's Tebow
    Bill Morgan: fuck
    TheHighlanderReturns: roughing
    Bill Morgan: please rough the qb
    bluetick: fuck
    VolDave: roughing the passer?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Late hit
    lynchburgvol: holding
    VolDave: fuk
    TheHighlanderReturns: fuck
    MrTennessee: *sigh* bray's first mistake
    Bill Morgan: shit shit shit
    westcoastvol: masturbating
    el Jeffe: buildin character
    MrTennessee: SAFETY
    Johnny Majors: I was excited to see Hunter try to get physical on the tackle. Didn't know he had it in him.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Bray was due for one. He is a True FR.
    lynchburgvol: that type of int was bound to happen the way bray takes chances
    Vol-in-Atl: Good Bray got the int out of his system. All completions from here on out.
    BrassVols: 42 is HORRIBLE
    Bill Morgan: oh shit
    Johnny Majors: Fuck it. Learn from your mistake son. They happen
    Bill Morgan: this is bad
    TheHighlanderReturns: jackson down
    westcoastvol: LWSVol is the Vandy QB?
    bluetick: hughes
    MrTennessee: crap that's a #90 something player
    MrTennessee: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hughes is down
    el Jeffe: poked in eye
    Bill Morgan: Get up Montori, this aint Bar Knoxville
    AreSeeFiddyWon: He's cramping up from playing 2 straight plays.
    lynchburgvol: cant afford to lose a DT
    tebowisgay: ankle
    Johnny Majors: Does anyone know who kidnapped the whole OLE Miss squad today and played in their unis?
    VolDave: Montori strained himself by actually running
    Vol-in-Atl: probly done for the year
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Haynesworth-esque injury. He'll be back in one play
    lynchburgvol: is montori a vegetarian too?
    el Jeffe: got a cody
    Johnny Majors: Haynesworth vs. a Oregon type offense would be comedy.
    Pitifulmer: shit, what happened? Went for a deuce, and now Vandy has the ball.
    TheHighlanderReturns: pick
    VolDave: Hughers got a poper
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Bray got picked
    Pitifulmer: dammit, thanks
    tebowisgay: faked it so he could go to his grannies funeral
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Poor pregame prep there Piti
    Character Counts joined the chat 5 days ago
    westcoastvol: Is TeenStud even on the boards anymore?
    LeonVol: I havent seen tn stud in quite some time.
    golfvol: Hot tub chat
    Bill Morgan: lol
    el Jeffe: the newton saga has him scared with flashbacks
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Stud got electrocuted in a freak laptop/hot tub incident.
    VolDave: Roy posts about once every blue moon
    TheHighlanderReturns: in-com-plete
    MrTennessee: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH​h i am pissed they had tos how the replay of that game
    lynchburgvol: some classic fulmer highlights
    Johnny Majors: Not as we speak. He's have a super game time sexy party with elected officials and such.
    TheHighlanderReturns: shouldve been flummos last
    Bill Morgan: fuck
    VolDave: fuk, fuck, fuucki
    Pitifulmer: fuck you Rick Clausen, you POS
    MrTennessee: chavis-esque
    LeonVol: He started to catch an immense amount of hell when he went on the finebaum show and called Lane a punk.
    westcoastvol: catered from his restaurant, complete with top-shelf liquor, 30 tvs and a few AA's thrown in.
    BrassVols: Shitty defense
    Pitifulmer: sorry, trying to catch my DVR up
    LeonVol: His demise really started then..
    Pitifulmer: damn, Wagner almost had another
    westcoastvol: Smith took a shot
    Pitifulmer: Porter Wagonner is doing awesome
    TheHighlanderReturns: Do we have enough AA asistant coaches? Anybody?
    westcoastvol: we have...two?
    Johnny Majors: Who the hell is Vandy's coach?
    Pitifulmer: Rob Caldwell?
    TheHighlanderReturns: mini-weiss.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Damn, they spotted that for an extra 2 yards
    Vol-in-Atl: legget
    Bill Morgan: damnit
    TheHighlanderReturns: needed a stop there
    MrTennessee: dang it that pick gave Vandy some mo
    el Jeffe: weissette
    AreSeeFiddyWon: We score a TD before half.
    lynchburgvol: this has been a pretty quick half
    Johnny Majors: Wonder what Steve Martin is doing these days?
    westcoastvol: we need to hang 50 on these pukes. seriously.
    Bill Morgan: Way to punish him EG
    lynchburgvol: nice hold vandy
    BrassVols: Note to Wilcox - leave a spy in th emiddle on their QB
    Johnny Majors: If Larry keeps that scramble shit up, he won't be around for the whole game.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Smith is all busted up now.
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Have any of you been to a game at Vandy? What a brutal gameday experience. Terrible in every way. They have like 4 concession stands.
    Bill Morgan: I have...it sucks
    LeonVol: I liked my vandy experience...
    tebowisgay: EG ground bamf, spleen shot
    lynchburgvol: need to double team smith...that will shut them down
    westcoastvol: I saw one game from that club on top of the parking garage.
    Johnny Majors: Why isn't this game at the Titans field?
    wku vol: They have 4 stands because they only have 25 season ticket holders.
    LeonVol: I really have not had many bad UT game day experiences.
    Vol-in-Atl: Kentucky is the worst gameday experience in the sec. just putrid
    westcoastvol: why ATL
    Pitifulmer: come on, stuff the fucking line. Let them throw it.
    LeonVol: I have never been to lexington for a game.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: We can't stop runs up the middle. 4 Yds, 3yds 5 yds
    tebowisgay: Wrigley>Vandy stadium
    Bill Morgan: damn
    lynchburgvol: thank god smith isnt accurate
    Johnny Majors: He would have been dead at Wrigley Field. Not one way of course.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: shoulda been 6
    Bill Morgan: Allison Krause was open
    MrTennessee: need something good to happen to stop this vandy drive
    Vol-in-Atl: No visible excitement anywhere. Bunch of people sitting around throwin bean bags. Defeatist attitude all around.
    westcoastvol: Dudley field needs to have the teams stand in the endzone like in basketball
    TheHighlanderReturns: we're due a stinker. i was hoping it would be this week and not next
    Pitifulmer: like GOldie Hawn said in Wildcats...."We need penetration! We gotta have penetration!"
    VolDave: We need a sack here
    lynchburgvol: did they have the goal posts on the goal line at wrigley?
    golfvol: we had plenty of stinkers early in the year
    Pitifulmer: yeah, we covered our stinker quota early.
    TheHighlanderReturns: dick in dirt time
    Bill Morgan: fuck
    TheHighlanderReturns: fuck
    MrTennessee: jeez
    el Jeffe: fuck
    Bill Morgan: holding like hell
    Vol-in-Atl: Hold these bitches.
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Vereen
    Pitifulmer: no fucking pressure
    lynchburgvol: fulmer commit covering that guy
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Damn, long hair should be illegal on players who suck.
    VolDave: they're holding the shit out of 84
    TheHighlanderReturns: Who;s hurt that vereen is in?
    Johnny Majors: Fuck someone up
    Vol-in-Atl: I blame all this on Bray. Time for Simms.
    LeonVol: i for one am glad we didn't play auburn this year.
    Bill Morgan: Nice play JJ
    golfvol: JJ
    tebowisgay: sweet JJ
    Johnny Majors: Janzen beast
    el Jeffe: fire hammy
    Pitifulmer: haha Volnatl
    lynchburgvol: jj wearing his jersey old school
    Johnny Majors: Hell of a play
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Fuck Vereen. Where is Chris Donald, damnit?
    Vol-in-Atl: Bamf??
    Pitifulmer: wow
    TheHighlanderReturns: I literally thought somebody's head came off there
    VolDave: Why is the clock stopped
    lynchburgvol: wlaker hit the rb so hard the OL helmet flew off
    Johnny Majors: hahahahaha
    tebowisgay: BA fugin MF
    Johnny Majors: Fuck Herndon
    Bill Morgan: Swagg down?
    MrTennessee: crap another one down
    Pitifulmer: only bringing 3. COme on Wilcox
    lynchburgvol: which team is vereen playing for?
    TheHighlanderReturns: waggner. fuck
    Pitifulmer: is that Porter?
    TheHighlanderReturns: waggner
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Another concussion.
    Pitifulmer: dammit
    Vol-in-Atl: stinger?
    Johnny Majors: Stinger
    VolDave: Keep your head up and that doesn't happen
    el Jeffe: poper
    Bill Morgan: Stinger splash
    circledrill: we need depth, bad
    MrTennessee: so today were getting our injury quota in?
    Johnny Majors: Should a team that lost to JMU be able to play in a BCS bowl?
    BrassVols: That was a really shitty defensive series. No agressiveness.
    Bill Morgan: Shake it off Swaggner
    lynchburgvol: no matter how bad the vandy O is, UT's D will make them look better
    tebowisgay: he fine
    Pitifulmer: hopefully Fowler is Rickie's cousin. We all know how well he is in the 2nd round, err quarter.
    MrTennessee: Waggner on the hoops team or did they give Chism's headgear to him?
    Johnny Majors: He's gonna blow it.
    TheHighlanderReturns: Cmon now. They've still only got like 110 yards of offense
    golfvol: get him a salad
    Bill Morgan: were we out of TO's???
    el Jeffe: strategery
    westcoastvol: WITH AUTHORITY!
    Vol-in-Atl: Be funny if the coach forgot what the time out sign was and the clock ran out
    westcoastvol: THAT is the way you call a mufuggin time out!
    VolDave: Why do we let them run it down like that when we still have to's left
    tebowisgay: Dooley writing on a legal pad get it?
    TheHighlanderReturns: shank it, mf
    Pitifulmer: you're right, Dave
    Johnny Majors: Hes gonna fuck it up
    Vol-in-Atl: meh
    lynchburgvol: ass
    Johnny Majors: See told you he'd nail it
    Pitifulmer: counter-timeout
    tebowisgay: Vandy kicker does crazy sign
    MrTennessee: stinker of a half...glad we got the lead tho
    Venomous: Just hit $100 on a ball board....I'll drink to that
    lynchburgvol: vandy gets the kick in 2nd half
    Bill Morgan: Nice venom
    Vol-in-Atl: ooh callin out Tyler Bray
    Johnny Majors: Allison looks like she could put a couple in her mouth at the same time.
    westcoastvol: I like Allison's profile
    Pitifulmer: oh shit, he just called out Bray
    Pitifulmer: for one bad play?
    lynchburgvol: too much dooley not enough allison
    Pitifulmer: and I didn't even get to see it.
    tebowisgay: Dooley hair club client
    TheHighlanderReturns: Bullshit. He's the owner, bitch
    BrassVols: Never liked HCs who write down notes during a game.
    RIW: hair like a mizuno 2 iron
    wku vol: Not just a client. He's the coach!
    Johnny Majors: I bet Windy Nix looks good naked.
    TheHighlanderReturns: Oregon St - 10 U$C - 0
    lynchburgvol: Oreg St up 10-0 on USC
    DelRiverVol joined the chat 5 days ago
    Johnny Majors: I bet she leave a landing strip.
    TheHighlanderReturns: Full bush
    lynchburgvol: beavers have always given trojans a hard time....know what i mean?
    BrassVols: Gotta have more bush than Erin Andrews
    tebowisgay: You were a punter douchebag
    volatiltitan: Who gets the ball start of the 3rd qtr?
    lynchburgvol: vandy
    volatiltitan: Thanks
    tebowisgay: Erin andrews bush to recieve
    Bill Morgan: I'll give
    Bill Morgan: Is USC on Comcast?
    10 uh C VOL: Man, it sucks not being able to chat during a live game
    MrTennessee: where you at 10?
    10 uh C VOL: If everyone would just hold their relevant comments for about a minute it would be good
    volatiltitan: Agree with you 10
    lynchburgvol: usc is on espn3
    TheHighlanderReturns: gameplan unless youre a west coaster
    10 uh C VOL: I am at home and watching ESPN 3
    Bill Morgan: Miss St up on Arkansas
    Pitifulmer: yep, USC down 10. lol
    tebowisgay: relevant comments are fleeting at best
    10 uh C VOL: It just so happens that the game is a full minute behind (if not more)
    Venomous: dont look for about a minute
    MrTennessee: ah....figured you were having to do something else due to the comment
    TheHighlanderReturns: From looking at them, you'd think U$C was playing in Alaska
    volatiltitan: watching on Justin TV thanks to link from westcoastvol little lag but very watchable and FREE!
    lynchburgvol: hope i dont ruin it for you 10, but kiffins combover flopped over the opposite direction
    10 uh C VOL: I am MrTennessee... not look at chat or I will read that we scored a TD a full 45 seconds before the ball is snapped on the throw to Hunter
    Johnny Majors: I just got this ESPN3 through my cable provider. Enjoying it thus far.
    MrTennessee: oh ouch
    TheHighlanderReturns: Arky beats the Mad Hatters next week. Right that down, Taj.
    Venomous joined the chat 5 days ago
    ElConquistador: Johnny Majors still awake at 9:07???
    Johnny Majors: Is Oregon and Arizona tonight?
    napervol: these announcers suck, and I cannot get the vol network for some reason
    ElConquistador: Must be a different Johnny Majors... ha ha
    TheHighlanderReturns: score on army-nd anybiody?
    Johnny Majors: El C: I spiked my Jack Daniels with Four Loko, bitch. Attack Attack Attack
    tebowisgay: F Bob neal
    lynchburgvol: oregon has a bye
    ElConquistador: Sweet!!!!
    10 uh C VOL: I mean I am loving football right now, I am watching Arky/MSU on one TV, streaming the Neb/A&M on one TV through XBox and watching the USC/OSU game on my computer
    Johnny Majors: You have the lotion out 10 Uh C
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Can somebody give me a BJ Coleman report from today please?
    10 uh C VOL: I just can't watch the UT game and chat
    10 uh C VOL: that sucks
    lynchburgvol: can somebody give me a bj?
    napervol: 17-3 nd
    tebowisgay: I gotta try that four loco before they pull it. wonder if i can get to the Pateitorium and back in time for the half
    Johnny Majors: I got me a rub and tug down at the local asian massage place earlier today.
    Johnny Majors: I request the girl with the smallest hands.
    lynchburgvol: me happy long time
    TheHighlanderReturns: four loco + viagra = dead middle aged man with a boner
    el Jeffe: ahh, suckie suckie
    Johnny Majors: Remember when people gave a shit about the Big East?

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    napervol: no
    Johnny Majors: yeah, me either
    tebowisgay: I bet stamina RX goes down good with 4 loco
    napervol: yuk uyuk
    lynchburgvol: damn, if usc cant win now, they are in for shit the next few years
    TheHighlanderReturns: the big east was relevant? Tell me more grampa.
    Johnny Majors: Four Loco taste like Kool Aid with a twang to it at the end
    Pitifulmer: ha
    10 uh C VOL: Every time I go to one of those Asian massage parlors and ask for the rub and tug, they always tell me Too Beaucoup, but I have no idea what they are saying...Please advise
    TheHighlanderReturns: that;s what she said
    Pitifulmer: I want to try a Four Loco, just because.
    Johnny Majors: I just whip my dick out and say, "Make it good, don't look me in the eye" they know what is next.
    lynchburgvol: just pour 4 loco directly on enlarged area, rinse and repeat
    TheHighlanderReturns: like a true pimp, johnny majors
    tebowisgay: I say we get a case of four loco and fly to Memphis and consume them at Stud's house
    westcoastvol: Yes, and then let's pee all over stud's walls
    lynchburgvol: take the 4 loco straingt to the hot tub
    Johnny Majors: Stud has them stocked up. You know the younger people love the four loco. Young college aged boys that is.
    Pitifulmer: he DOES say bring beverages that you prefer.
    westcoastvol: Is 4Loco strong enough to cancel out the jizz sediment in Roy's tub?
    tebowisgay: Cool then I won't have to pay the check bag fee
    TheHighlanderReturns: do you like it when Stud rubs up and down on your leg, Timmy?
    Johnny Majors: Four Loco is 12% alch. if I'm not mistaken
    10 uh C VOL: 1st and Goal Oregon State
    MrTennessee: second half bout to start!
    Johnny Majors: Its some serious shit. Don't doubt it. It will get you right, but youll have to shit from all the sugar
    TheHighlanderReturns: they go for it on 4th down a minute ago 10?
    westcoastvol: yes
    lynchburgvol: beavers laying on the gins
    tebowisgay: 12% alc plus all the redbull goodies
    TheHighlanderReturns: td oregon st
    sonofgryllus joined the chat 5 days ago
    Bill Morgan: TD Or St
    TheHighlanderReturns: 17-0 over the combover
    Johnny Majors: I stick to Whiskey on ice. Two fingers
    Pitifulmer: chris boring sucks
    westcoastvol: Tampa Twoooooooooooooooooooo
    lynchburgvol: orgerons defense sucks
    westcoastvol: Tampon Two. Fuck the combover.
    TheHighlanderReturns: Erin Andrews likes 2 fingers as well
    10 uh C VOL: got USC on a PI penalty that extended the drive
    Johnny Majors: I'll give her six inches at 600 MPH.
    10 uh C VOL: What you drinking Johnny Majors?
    MrTennessee: or st fightin for bowl eligiblity i think
    Bill Morgan: 2 in the pink, one in the stink
    Johnny Majors: Jack Daniels. Always.
    westcoastvol: hammer that shit like a Home Depot paint mixer
    TheHighlanderReturns: 2" 3 times, majors?
    10 uh C VOL: I like drinking Buffalo Trace neat
    Johnny Majors: Yep.
    Johnny Majors: 3 inches twice on warm days
    Bill Morgan: Damn
    Bill Morgan: lucky bastard
    lynchburgvol: i bet fulmer give vicky one quarter of an inch two times
    Bill Morgan: Fulmer has Scared Turtle Syndrome
    TheHighlanderReturns: anybody got Holly Rowe nudies?
    Bill Morgan: panoramics
    Pitifulmer: the other bill does
    golfvol: bill might
    Bill Morgan: Clinton?
    golfvol: lol bill
    westcoastvol: I bet he has a come-a-long or an engine hoist in the bedroom to lift his gunt up so Vicky can lick off the Fulmunda cheese from his balls.
    10 uh C VOL: didn't that nerd hold them up in that movie Road Trip
    10 uh C VOL: sorry, you said nudies not undies
    lynchburgvol: westcoast...i busted a vein
    Bill Morgan: Let's go Vols
    Pitifulmer: damn westie, thanks for that visual
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Westcoast, LMAO
    Bill Morgan: picked his nose?
    Vol-in-Atl: picked his nose
    Johnny Majors: "I ain't dune it a time"
    Bill Morgan: WTF
    MrTennessee: what the heck?
    tebowisgay: Johnny imposter, drinks scotch
    VolDave: I like Robbie Caldwell
    Bill Morgan: Where did this hillbilly come from?
    el Jeffe joined the chat 5 days ago
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Furman
    Black_Label joined the chat 5 days ago
    Bill Morgan: Bet he's a big hit with Biff and Muffy and the zinfandel crew
    Johnny Majors: Who the hell was the Alabama coach who had that hilarious half time interview at a bowl game? Someone help me.
    Johnny Majors: he was an interm
    TheHighlanderReturns: the fucking 20? Seroiusly?
    Bill Morgan: Kines
    Johnny Majors: That shit was hilarious
    VolDave: wtf
    MrTennessee: Penn just can't help hisself from throwing a flag
    10 uh C VOL: later
    volatiltitan: Shit lost the Justin TV feed
    sonofgryllus: me too
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Why can we not kick the damn ball into the endzone?\
    TheHighlanderReturns: I'd be happy getting it to the 10 at this point
    el Jeffe: wilson
    Vol-in-Atl: Here you go, JM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkNT...
    lynchburgvol: nice -2 yd pass
    VolDave: Penn is an alum of GaTech and he doesn't like us from the days when we had a rivalry with the ramblin wreck
    Bill Morgan: Come on D
    TheHighlanderReturns: i think waggner was back.
    tebowisgay: Helium was co starr of Palrdy recruting tape
    Johnny Majors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkNT...
    MrTennessee: wish he'd throw that pass again, that thing was inthe air a looooooooong time
    Bill Morgan: Wide ass open over the middle
    TheHighlanderReturns: Waggner recovered from his Pope a little faster than Cody
    lynchburgvol: good d ref
    Pitifulmer: nice play ref
    golfvol: vandy found a new way t lose
    TheHighlanderReturns: oh fuck here we go
    Vol-in-Atl: That ref was a 4 star in hs
    westcoastvol: shit can't see it online
    Pitifulmer: fuck, saw that happening
    VolDave: fuck
    Vol-in-Atl: naturally we fumble
    bluetick: whoopsie
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Anderson IQ = 70
    MrTennessee: you IDIOT
    Johnny Majors: Yep. Didn't see that one coming
    Bill Morgan: You have got to be fucking kidding me
    circledrill: unbelievable
    lynchburgvol: is there no one on the team that can field a punt?
    el Jeffe: no
    TheHighlanderReturns: apparently not
    Johnny Majors: He couldn't knock the ball away from a UAB WR when he had the upper hand. What makes someone think he can return shit?
    Bill Morgan: BLAST
    Bill Morgan: JJ
    TheHighlanderReturns: BAMF!
    Vol-in-Atl: jj
    lynchburgvol: can nick revis field a punt?
    Johnny Majors: Tennessee is just fucking cursed on ST.
    Johnny Majors: I think that RB shit his pants.
    Pitifulmer: yes!!!!!
    Vol-in-Atl: hell yes
    TheHighlanderReturns: pick 6
    bluetick: whee
    TheLegendJerryGreen: YESSSSSSSSSS
    AreSeeFiddyWon: woot!!!!
    Vol-in-Atl: flag
    Black_Label: wow
    VolDave: flag
    Johnny Majors: Goooooooo
    Pitifulmer: oh fuck
    Bill Morgan: No
    TheLegendJerryGreen: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    MrTennessee: crap Penn called a flag
    AreSeeFiddyWon: hahaha LOCO williams
    Pitifulmer: you gotta be shitting me
    Johnny Majors: Fuck me
    Bill Morgan: no fucking way
    lynchburgvol: who did that?
    Johnny Majors: Goddammit
    Bill Morgan: Malik
    circledrill: dumb play by Tennessee
    Bill Morgan: you ignorant fuck
    Johnny Majors: Jesus H
    AreSeeFiddyWon: that's twice he's done that stupid shit!
    Pitifulmer: sit that stupid fuck
    Vol-in-Atl: first and goal now
    Johnny Majors: Fuck me
    Bill Morgan: GD
    MrTennessee: come on QB is free play after that
    lynchburgvol: sit that asshole
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Gerald ought to beat the shit out of Malik's west coast ass
    Bill Morgan: Idiotic
    Pitifulmer: 85 yd swing
    VolDave: good call
    westcoastvol: is anyone else watching this online (or trying to in my case)
    tebowisgay: post possesion was a block
    Johnny Majors: Fucking idiot.
    MrTennessee: way to go idiots
    MrTennessee: way to go
    bluetick: i am wcv
    westcoastvol: got a link blue?
    bluetick: espn3.com
    BrassVols: I wonder if Malik is going to say "he was just there and I wanted to hit him".
    Vol-in-Atl: I blame Dooley. Fire him.
    Johnny Majors: I want to punch Knowshean Moreno right now. Fuck
    lynchburgvol: fuck
    MrTennessee: someone go have that guy meet Billy Mays
    lynchburgvol: shit
    lynchburgvol: dammit
    westcoastvol: shit can't get it espn3 with my setup. rooster poop!
    lynchburgvol: ass
    bluetick: http://espn.go.com/espn3/player?id=...
    10 uh C VOL: I had to come over to chat this....I would not put a returner back on a punt the rest of this year. I would just rush 11 and take the ball wherever it stops
    Bill Morgan: The leg...sweep it
    Johnny Majors: Wait for it 10 a c
    VolDave: montori is relaxin on the sideline
    bluetick: oh well
    Johnny Majors: wait for it
    BrassVols: 10-14 point fuck up there Malik
    circledrill: Sweep the leg - got a problem with that?
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Does pain exist in this dojo???
    Bill Morgan: No sensei
    bluetick: i am watching on the desktop. couldn't stream to ps3
    Johnny Majors: Glorious beard by the Vandy sideline guy
    circledrill: no mercy
    Johnny Majors: Fucking Malik
    Bill Morgan: Nice stop D
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Is there a problem, Mista Lawrence?
    VolDave: fade here
    lynchburgvol: someone needs to lock malik and daniel hood in a dark room together after the game
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Malik, the same dipshit who said a couple weeks ago he got a PF just because he wanted to hit the QB late.
    Bill Morgan: Great job
    lynchburgvol: with a broom stick
    Vol-in-Atl: haha fg!!
    Pitifulmer: not in a bathroom, hopefully
    TheHighlanderReturns: Pass incomplete to Martin Van Nostrin
    Pitifulmer: we need Malik against KY
    BrassVols: Goddamn that pisses me off!
    MrTennessee: wish he'd miss
    Johnny Majors: Miss it you brainy bitch
    Bill Morgan: NO
    lynchburgvol: ok pit, after the KY game
    TheLegendJerryGreen: ha
    Pitifulmer: yes!!!
    bluetick: heh
    Johnny Majors: Nope
    VolDave: fuk yeah!
    Vol-in-Atl: little bitch missed it
    golfvol: yessss
    tebowisgay: negatory
    Johnny Majors: Fucking Malik
    TheHighlanderReturns: So Malik only cost us 7
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Now we know what the tent is for.
    Pitifulmer: ok, doesn't hurt as bad now
    MrTennessee: ahhhhhhhhhhh wait did Penn call a flag to bail them out?
    TheHighlanderReturns: That's Vanderbilt
    VolDave: Gerald is gonna bitch slap malik in the locker room after the game
    MrTennessee: no...good safe to be happy about that now
    Bill Morgan: He didn't compute the correct geometric angle on that kick
    Johnny Majors: That whole series of events was a massivle cluster fuck. Get it out of our system
    BrassVols: If I were Chuck Smith I'd make Malik carry GW's books to class for him all week.
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Tent is for pregame wine tasting
    Bill Morgan: It was a series of unfortunate events
    Pitifulmer: no shit, Malik is hiding from Gerald on the sideline right about now
    lynchburgvol: anyone else still mad about maliks penalty?
    VolDave: At least we don't have to field a kick
    AreSeeFiddyWon: When are we gonna get the muffs out of our system Johnny?
    Johnny Majors: He prob doesn't go to class
    Johnny Majors: 2018
    tebowisgay: gonna be a light load brassy
    AreSeeFiddyWon: I'm still pissed. Fuck Malik
    MrTennessee: i hope someone just spins Johnson out on the first lap and he finishes last.
    TheHighlanderReturns: Bet money we line up 11 at the line on the next punt
    bluetick: beavers running all over monte
    Tim Irwin joined the chat 5 days ago
    MrTennessee: the beavers disapprove of the condom
    bluetick: heh
    golfvol: oregon st intercepted barkley and has the ball on the 26 going in
    Johnny Majors: What is USC's record?
    lynchburgvol: barkley already served up a pick 6
    TheHighlanderReturns: 6-3
    tebowisgay: Monte forgot to take his airasep
    Bill Morgan: nice move Gerald
    VolDave: The yellow line is slanted
    Tim Irwin: Guys this is fun and all, but it would be so much more special with Phil Fulmer
    TheHighlanderReturns: that sounds racist dave
    el Jeffe: monte had stroke vs OM last year
    lynchburgvol: fuck tim irwin
    Bill Morgan: FUCK
    Bill Morgan: FUCK
    MrTennessee: no tim, we need billy mays
    Bill Morgan: FUCK
    VolDave: who was he/ throwing that to
    Tim Irwin: lynch why the poor language?
    MrTennessee: who ran the wrong route?
    Johnny Majors: Fuck.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: helmet to helmet on the QB
    lynchburgvol: time to put simms in
    Pitifulmer: please do no put in Simms
    AreSeeFiddyWon: no call
    Johnny Majors: Fuck Simms.
    Vol-in-Atl: bray fuckin up. Hopefully he'll learn from this by next week.
    VolDave: Why was that noi roughing the passer?
    Bill Morgan: Bray is high
    volatiltitan: Headed to see Craig Freguson hope the Vols can pull this one out Later guys
    MrTennessee: lynch...Penn aint going to call that
    Johnny Majors: Even though that looked Simmsesque
    lynchburgvol: what is bray confused about...int
    Pitifulmer: I'd rather have Nance in there than Simms
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Nash Nance was once a Vandy commit.
    tebowisgay: I dunno I just slung it
    westcoastvol: FACED YOUR NATION, Vandy
    el Jeffe: fire hammy
    BrassVols: This is a shitty ballgame
    Johnny Majors: I'd rather have Malik Jackson running QB. At least that way he can't fucking rough em.
    VolDave: Victor
    VolDave: Thomas just got plowed
    lynchburgvol: is it too late to change my pick'em score?
    TheLegendJerryGreen: I think our guys are intimidated by this environment. Can't hear themselves think>
    TheHighlanderReturns: Like i said. Bray was due a stinker. We can over come it this week. Not next week.
    Bill Morgan: GD
    TheHighlanderReturns: fuck
    Johnny Majors: Great
    VolDave: what the hell is going on?!
    MrTennessee: did we just give up a first down?
    Blacksheepdroid joined the chat 5 days ago
    lynchburgvol: cdd is pissed
    Vol-in-Atl: Let's try real hard to keep Vandy in the game.
    TheHighlanderReturns: offsides had em stopped
    VolDave: no, 3rd &1
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Fuck you, Penn
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Damn, this is UAB version 2.2
    golfvol: osu up 20-0
    Blacksheepdroid: not happy
    lynchburgvol: who the hell is penn?
    Bill Morgan: NO
    TheLegendJerryGreen: No sir re
    VolDave: no way
    Vol-in-Atl: no sirreee
    TheHighlanderReturns: nope
    MrTennessee: Penn will give him a good spot
    Bill Morgan: Penn is a fishing reel
    Johnny Majors: I'm gonna have to get my drug dealer on stand-by going into the 4th with this shit going on.
    tebowisgay: nope
    AreSeeFiddyWon: They'll spot him 2 yards.
    TheHighlanderReturns: why the fuck is vereen playing so much?
    Pitifulmer: weird....just saw this on the OK/Baylor gamecast Last Play Robert Griffin III pass complete to Jarred Salubi for a loss of 18 yards to the Bayl 2.
    westcoastvol: Penn Wagers, one of the shittiest refs in the league.
    Pitifulmer: 18 yd loss on a complete pass??
    Vol-in-Atl: shit
    lynchburgvol: got iy
    Bobby Scott joined the chat 5 days ago
    lynchburgvol: it
    Johnny Majors: Arkansas TD, by the way
    TheLegendJerryGreen: 17 Vandy students at the game
    westcoastvol: Great photo of penn wagers: http://www.dawgsgoneblog.com/2008/1...
    MrTennessee: UGH
    Bill Morgan: The longer we let them hang around...
    Johnny Majors: Does that include or exclude Clay Travis
    Bobby Scott: guys, Go
    lynchburgvol: beavers put 3 on trojens
    Bobby Scott: Vols
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Great question
    Pitifulmer: fuck Clay Travis
    westcoastvol: seriously
    Johnny Majors: Exactly.
    TheHighlanderReturns: you can let Vandy hang around, bill
    Venomous: Cafego is spinning in his grave right now
    BrassVols: THey are so shitty there is just no excuse forthis to be happening
    westcoastvol: his book was beyond lame.
    Bill Morgan: This team can't High
    Vol-in-Atl: Both his books suck dick
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Vandy is atrocious. We should be up 30
    westcoastvol: what's the score now?
    tebowisgay: Way shitty book
    MrTennessee: we just can't take good in this game, we have to give Vandy all the help in the world
    Bill Morgan: Wide ass open
    Vol-in-Atl: alligator arms
    Johnny Majors: Smith fucking sucks.
    Pitifulmer: the transcripts from FCF and OM best-of would destroy his book
    Bobby Scott: We were sitting pretty you know, Brays int was you know a big you know momentum killer. We you know havent' had the ball you know since then really you know
    westcoastvol: word up.
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Announcers hazing Vandy
    lynchburgvol: smith sure has some nice pearly whites
    westcoastvol: why aren't we assraping these Nancy-boys right now? Hayzeus christo palomino!
    Pitifulmer: teeth are lines with styrofoam? Oh wait, wrong Smith?
    VolDave: I think we have run all of 3 plays this quarter
    Bill Morgan: I know Bobby, I know, you know?
    Johnny Majors: No even
    TheHighlanderReturns: that fucking muffed punt
    tebowisgay: Wilcox has figured out smith sucks
    Johnny Majors: You know, Bobby, just can't seem, to you know, get in a rythym.
    Pitifulmer: why the fuck is LWSVol playing QB?
    Johnny Majors: Smith looks like a mobile Matt Simms.
    TheHighlanderReturns: Smith makes Mazola oil look like Peyton Manning
    BrassVols: THey are so bad I don't think we can fuck up enough to lose this game
    MrTennessee: go 1/3
    Johnny Majors: Miss it you brainy bitch
    Pitifulmer: run bitch
    Bill Morgan: Damnit Gerald
    Vol-in-Atl: flag on us?
    Bill Morgan: run
    Bobby Scott: Now when was last time we did that?
    bluetick: heh
    Bobby Scott: You know
    TheLegendJerryGreen: When was the last time that happened?
    golfvol: barkley snapped in halp at end of half.
    MrTennessee: Gerald got on the ground so Malik wouldn't punch the kicker
    TheHighlanderReturns: Gerald WIlliams looking for 6 again
    lynchburgvol: i wonder if malik roughed the kicker?
    10 uh C VOL: Barkley is down
    el Jeffe: chavey made mazola look like manning
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Damn, took him 4 years to get in, and 4 years to start playing!
    Pitifulmer: here comes a roughing the kicker, I just know it
    tebowisgay: G Williams could be leading this team in rushing
    Johnny Majors: After you block it you can fucking murder the kicker, no?
    Bobby Scott: Put Fowles in the game, he never plays you know
    Pitifulmer: damn, he is having a career game. Oh wait, punch Malik in the nuts.
    golfvol: osu with ball at own 45 with 4 sec to go in half
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Gerald Williams is 28 years old
    MrTennessee: what happened to barkley 10?
    Character Counts: Put Gerald back to return punts!
    TheHighlanderReturns: BAMFd
    tebowisgay: funny Mr. T
    10 uh C VOL: leg rolled on by tackler
    VolDave: For all you assholes who rode Gerald Williams hard for his travails in getting into UT; FUCK YOU!!
    Johnny Majors: He committed to Tennessee when I was coach.
    westcoastvol: got rolled up on
    10 uh C VOL: on the leg that he already wears the brace
    MrTennessee: ow
    TheHighlanderReturns: Didn't he count on 3 of Fulmers recruiting classes?
    westcoastvol: Tell em, Dave! Eat a hot bowl of dicks, America!
    VolDave: Gerald Williams is a true Vol
    westcoastvol: 20-0 halftime Oregawn State
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Yep, Highlander, but he's graduating this year. Good for him!
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Technically, Gerald is at Pellissippi
    BrassVols: Fulmer would have only been regarded as an average recruiter if not for Gerald Williams
    tebowisgay: Bristol palin is a true dancer
    Johnny Majors: He's taking classes at Karns I heard.
    TheHighlanderReturns: He played ILB at JC?
    westcoastvol: sucks he prob won't be drafted
    Bill Morgan joined the chat 5 days ago
    Johnny Majors: Illiegal Formation
    VolDave: wow, penalty on Vandy
    Johnny Majors: well damn
    MrTennessee: there you go penn
    VolDave: Wow, penalty on Vandy
    TheHighlanderReturns: shocking
    lynchburgvol: was that offisdes on malik jackson?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: holy shit!
    VolDave: I'm so stunned I said it 2x
    Bill Morgan: Kick his ass seabass
    Vol-in-Atl: Poole pissy
    Johnny Majors: We gotta put one in the fucking endzone here men
    MrTennessee: haven't seen Poole pissed like that
    Bill Morgan: Vandy fag tried ankle lock on Poole
    VolDave: Poole wants his 1000
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Poole about to break loose
    lynchburgvol: i guess cheney figures we need to start running the ball
    Pitifulmer: wheres he at now?
    TheLegendJerryGreen: prob on us
    Pitifulmer: stocker!
    Vol-in-Atl: awww yeaaa
    TheHighlanderReturns: Wow
    MrTennessee: Penn throws a flag
    VolDave: Great catch
    AreSeeFiddyWon: nice!
    lynchburgvol: caught it and was being ass raped
    circledrill: yes!!
    bluetick: flag?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: They'll probably call it on us
    tebowisgay: LUUUUUUke
    MrTennessee: so don't go all Lukkkkeee yet Bill
    Pitifulmer: Hood was nowhere near the play
    bluetick: 2 flags?
    VolDave: And a roughing call
    Vol-in-Atl: how bout roughing
    Johnny Majors: Thats a PI automatically in the pros
    VolDave: bullshit!
    MrTennessee: TOLD YOU
    Pitifulmer: you'vee gotta be shitting me
    Johnny Majors: You are fucking kidding me
    lynchburgvol: wtf?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: hahaha!!!! that was a crock of fucking shit!
    Vol-in-Atl: oh my fucking god you fucking mother fuckers
    circledrill: no way
    tebowisgay: oh fuck me
    Bill Morgan: unbelievable
    Johnny Majors: How the fuck is that on stocker?
    TheHighlanderReturns: penn's got some bj's lined up for afterwards
    Johnny Majors: Fuck me
    el Jeffe: slive
    VolDave: bullshit, bullshit, bullshit
    AreSeeFiddyWon: That was HORRIBLE!
    Pitifulmer: where is Slive? shouldn't he be rooting for us tonight for a bowl bid???
    bluetick: wow just wow
    Johnny Majors: Fuck it go for it
    westcoastvol: Slive would NEVER root for us.
    Bill Morgan: This is Bruce Pearl's fault
    Pitifulmer: where the fuck is PI?
    Johnny Majors: Thats roughing mother fuckers
    lynchburgvol: i didnt see shit
    10 uh C VOL: worst fucking call ever
    AreSeeFiddyWon: hahaha wow that is the king of shitty calls
    Johnny Majors: if Malik roughed that was fucking roughing
    Pitifulmer: neither did the refs
    Vol-in-Atl: Somebody deserves to lose their job
    BrassVols: Block somebody goddammit
    el Jeffe: fire hammy
    circledrill: block, run, repeat
    Pitifulmer: going to smoke. hopefully won't come back to another Bray pick.
    TheHighlanderReturns: I blame hammy for that call
    Johnny Majors: Sum bitch didn't even have the courtesy to wipe a little vasoline in us on that one.
    Bill Morgan: WTF
    Vol-in-Atl: fuck
    MrTennessee: need to throw a bubble screen, yes i said it
    Bill Morgan: WTF
    Bill Morgan: WTF
    VolDave: we moved
    Vol-in-Atl: good thing Vandy can't score
    Bill Morgan: Penn Wagers eats dick sandwiches
    BrassVols: Can I get my $24.95 back?
    Johnny Majors: This is ugly. Tennessee is ugly Vandy is ugly the refs are just a catalyst to the fuck wadery going on here.
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Penn Wagers pissed he's not calling a better game and taking out on us
    el Jeffe: fuck wadery!
    Vol-in-Atl: nice cut
    VolDave: nice run
    AreSeeFiddyWon: needed to cut that one back inside
    lynchburgvol: the longer this game stays close the tighter my sphinkter will get
    MrTennessee: throw a bubble screen
    Vol-in-Atl: fuck
    TheHighlanderReturns: mf
    Johnny Majors: God dammit
    Bill Morgan: ...another flag
    VolDave: they jumped but it will go against us'
    MrTennessee: good land this is taking FOREVER
    circledrill: gdimfs
    Vol-in-Atl: we need Fulmer back to make these guys run steps
    Bill Morgan: throw deep to Hunter
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Does Waggers not say "down remains first anymore"?
    Johnny Majors: 11th game of the season and this shit is still fucking us.
    TheHighlanderReturns: refs fucked us on taht drive
    Vol-in-Atl: Bray throwin off his back foot
    lynchburgvol: blitzing the hell out of them
    MrTennessee: Penn you should of called that
    TheHighlanderReturns: should've been on teh 10 if not for the phantom PI on Stocker
    VolDave: At least we gave our defense some rest time'
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Vandy crowd having an effect
    Bill Morgan: Fuck you Cunningham
    RynoVol joined the chat 5 days ago
    MrTennessee: someone go punch malik
    BrassVols: Frustrating game to watch
    VolDave: Fucking Cunningham murders em every time he's trying to pooch it and shanks em when we need a long one
    Johnny Majors: Cunningham thinks it's 1 point if you kick it out the back of the endzone on punts. Aussie Rules Football.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: JJ needs to BAMF that fucking Ref.
    lynchburgvol: someone go kick fulmer in the dick
    circledrill: big game atmosphere has us stymied
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Cunningham is the worst punter we've had in recent memory
    Vol-in-Atl: All we need is one more td and no more to's and we win.
    el Jeffe: musburger goes deep
    BrassVols: On the bright side there are probably no recruits seeing this shit
    TheHighlanderReturns: i think we're good with no to's
    Tim Irwin: Guys Phil Fulmer is very forgiving, he would come back and coach again. All Mike Hamilton has to do is apologize and he'll want about 3 million a year this time
    tebowisgay: This game is like watching old fat people fuck
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Fulmer on regional jet (taking up 2 seats) on way back to K'ville. Can't be reached
    VolDave: Tiny Richardson is there
    Vol-in-Atl: Tim, will you ask him?
    lynchburgvol: tim irwin is on a roll tonight
    Bill Morgan: I think Dooley is finna pull one of his pristine hairs out of of his perfectly coiffed head and throw it like a poison dart into Pennis Wagers jugular
    Johnny Majors: Fuck that call on Stocker was horrible. Someone has some explaining to do on that one

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    BrassVols: Well he's got to be thinking if I can just hold my water I can beat out anyone on that OL
    BrassVols: Yeah we have the ball 1st and goal on the 5 if not for that theivery
    Bobby Scott: You know we need to uh you know, just settle down, you know, uhhm uhmmm, you know we just need to keep playing our game you know. uhh don't panic you know
    Pitifulmer: I didn't see anything on the Stocker play, but to be fair, he could've done something on the way downfield. But that shouldve been called holding.
    Blacksheepdroid joined the chat 5 days ago
    MrTennessee: get us out of the third quarter
    ILIkeTennessee joined the chat 5 days ago
    ILIkeTennessee: Hey everybody, how about ole Pen Wagers!
    Pitifulmer: nice tackle
    Vol-in-Atl: Yes, you have to score. Scoring is importent.
    Johnny Majors: Sweet reverse, bitches.
    VolDave: Nice play 84
    Bill Morgan: Pennis Wagers fancies himself as a modern day Robin Hood
    lynchburgvol: they tried the dick-verse on us
    Pitifulmer: damn, glad I didnt pick the over tonight.
    Vol-in-Atl: Vandy do suxes
    Johnny Majors: Albert Haynesworth always stays home on the reverse.
    ILIkeTennessee: When I saw him at the very beginning of the game I told my fiance "Oh fuck its pen wagers!"
    Bill Morgan: stanima?
    VolDave: need to sack his ass here
    Blacksheepdroid: shout if you can't stand Vandy
    Pitifulmer: haha ,yeah stanima
    MrTennessee: who was the person that bet $100 on this game?
    westcoastvol: we should be breaking our cleats off in their Popeginas. This unaggression will not stand!
    Bill Morgan: whew
    Pitifulmer: whew
    AreSeeFiddyWon: I'd show her some stamina
    Vol-in-Atl: Vandy suxes
    Johnny Majors: Damn dude got excited
    VolDave: he heard jj coming
    BrassVols: Thank god they suck so bad
    TheHighlanderReturns: cardiovascular endurance
    golfvol: crap they are punting, we arfe screwed
    Pitifulmer: we should be up 30 on these homos
    Johnny Majors: HE HAD A FIRST DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bobby Scott: wow broadcaster got mad about that
    circledrill: stamina
    Vol-in-Atl: Stay away from the fuckin BALL!!!!
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Rush 13!
    TheHighlanderReturns: rush 11 for the love of god
    MrTennessee: *holds breath*
    golfvol: YES
    Blacksheepdroid: yaaaaay
    lynchburgvol: nice cheer
    Pitifulmer: oh, now he calls a fair catch, wtf????
    TheHighlanderReturns: Standing O
    AreSeeFiddyWon: hahahaha!!!!!
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Sarcastic crowd
    circledrill: he fielded it!!
    Bill Morgan: fair catch with open field
    MrTennessee: wow
    MrTennessee: i love our crowd
    Pitifulmer: dumbass announcers
    OrangeIris: Just need more "Stanima" !
    RynoVol: We are on our way with that.
    ILIkeTennessee: im wondering if the game is on the same timing as mine cause yall are talking about shit i dont see
    Johnny Majors: I'd rather him fair catch. Baby steps.
    tebowisgay: clap for fair catch
    ILIkeTennessee: im watchingon espn3
    ILIkeTennessee: think im behind
    VolDave: stanima is good, stamina is better
    MrTennessee: ILT you have the same deal 10 is having
    Johnny Majors: Run this mother fucker up the middle.
    circledrill: roughing the passer -- is that like roughing the snapper?
    Johnny Majors: The ole fuck it playcall
    ILIkeTennessee: ahh
    SoftballVol left this message 5 days ago:
    SoftballVol joined the chat 5 days ago
    Blacksheepdroid: we have the spread covered for now
    Pitifulmer: wtf
    Bill Morgan: PI
    TheHighlanderReturns: astute observation by Doehring there
    ILIkeTennessee: ok i gotta go though cause i dont want yall to ruin the game for me then
    Pitifulmer: whew
    TheHighlanderReturns: probably offensive
    MrTennessee: hold your breath folks penn might call it on us
    ILIkeTennessee: later yall FUCK PEN WAGERS!
    TheLegendJerryGreen: make up call?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Offensive PI again.
    lynchburgvol: this game reminds me of the line from smokey in the bandit "son, when i see yo momma i'm gonna punch her right in the mouth"
    RynoVol: make up
    Pitifulmer: I just need the Vols to win by 4, and I'm golden
    SoftballVol: Who was it that hoped for a poor game for Bray? Guess he got his wish...
    VolDave: Penn's trying to figure out a way to call it on us
    TheHighlanderReturns: No a makeup wwould put us on the 10
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Stretched jersey
    Johnny Majors: Hunter's dick's too big. Big Ole Dick on Tennessee half the distance to the goal line. 2nd down
    Vol-in-Atl: A td here puts the game away
    Pitifulmer: run bitch
    Bill Morgan: Da'Rick
    VolDave: DaRick!
    Pitifulmer: fat bitches clapping again
    lynchburgvol: nich play by the big dick
    OrangeIris: Da'Richard!
    MrTennessee: Da rick....wheres the flag? we made a good play so there had to be a flag
    Pitifulmer: everywhere
    Johnny Majors: Damn Bray looks pretty when he throws that fucking pig skin.
    circledrill: oku
    AreSeeFiddyWon: The other Rogers...exit stage left...The one that looks like the bum.
    lynchburgvol: nice blocking
    Pitifulmer: needed to throw downfield again.
    BrassVols: Were just wasting 1st downs running the ball
    Johnny Majors: True
    SoftballVol: Why is Oku playing?
    Vol-in-Atl: Yea OK sux.
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Kursten Bigges>Oku
    circledrill: oku
    Johnny Majors: Fuck it lets go all Mike leach on them. Fuck a run.
    Vol-in-Atl: Doubt he sees the field if we get whats his name this year
    RynoVol: Worst qtr in a month
    Bill Morgan: sloppy damn game
    Bobby Scott: who had a pick 6 called back?
    VolDave: That may be the worst 3rd quarter we've played all year
    SoftballVol: What happened to the freshman RB?
    Blacksheepdroid: gw
    lynchburgvol: are there any secret 5* at the game?
    Johnny Majors: without doubt
    Bill Morgan: Dooley needs to work their asses off next week
    BrassVols: Gerald, you know, Williams
    tebowisgay: The helmet tape sucks fire roger Frazer
    egbert joined the chat 5 days ago
    Bobby Scott: who had the penalty, was it a good call? you know?
    Blacksheepdroid: gerald was so mad at losing that td that he blocked a fg
    RynoVol: I feel like I'm watching this on beta
    VolDave: Frazier is having an off game just like everyone else
    Blacksheepdroid: malik
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Can GW get a sixth year on account of being the most counted stars in Rival's history?
    Pitifulmer: wtf? "Hey mayan, dis laptop dat I paid $1500 for, but wuz $300 if I had da cash.....was a fuckin deal mayan"
    BrassVols: uh, Malik, uh, you know, Jackson.
    Blacksheepdroid: drilled qb on late hit
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Great ads on CSS...Tony Chachere's, Aaron's, Billy May....
    SoftballVol: Anybody else sick and tired of the Capital One commercials???
    Pitifulmer: see above post, Jerry
    Johnny Majors: ROMANS!!!!!!
    napervol: yes
    Bobby Scott: figures, you know , how many has he had? you know you got to uh compose yourself
    VolDave: I actually like the Cap1 commercials
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Ogre in commercials...good times. good times.
    lynchburgvol: i had the most interesting man in the world commercial
    Pitifulmer: Ogre you asshole
    Johnny Majors: Is Bobby Scott still on that rag show Pennington does?
    VolDave: I hate that Geico commercial with the pig
    napervol: I hate running out of beer
    el Jeffe: weee
    Pitifulmer: you didn't plan ahead, naper?
    napervol: nah
    tebowisgay: I have local dipshit used car dealeer
    TheHighlanderReturns: poor planning on your part, naper.
    VolDave: It was funny maybe two or three times jeffe
    Pitifulmer: I'm sure you have some liquor stashed.
    MrTennessee: lets do this!
    RynoVol: love the wheeeee
    napervol: yes indeed
    lynchburgvol: nice -1 yd pass
    el Jeffe: makes me want bacon
    Johnny Majors: Looked like Pass Int. to me.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: No PI since he lost yards anyway.
    VolDave: offensive JM
    Pitifulmer: a TD here covers the spread, I guarantee it.
    Vol-in-Atl: float one up for Hunter
    egbert: this game is almost as much of a snoozer as a late era Fulmer UT/Vandy game often was
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Lined up wrong.
    Johnny Majors: It was a joke.
    SoftballVol: Time for Simms yet?
    Pitifulmer: you're doing it wrong
    TheHighlanderReturns: spread is already covered as long as we don't try to return any more punts
    OrangeIris: Game management!!!!
    golfvol: mustain in
    10 uh C VOL: Barkley not starting 3rd
    MrTennessee: call a bubble screen
    Blacksheepdroid: %u017E%u017C%u017Azzzzzz​zzzzzzzzzzz
    Vol-in-Atl: whats USC score?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Holy shit! A Mustain sighting?
    tebowisgay: TO cheney got a bratwurst stuck in his neck
    TheHighlanderReturns: 20-0
    golfvol: 20-0
    Bill Morgan: lol
    lynchburgvol: I would almost rather watch USC get their asses handed to them, than watch this game
    Johnny Majors: 3rd and 11 fuck it go deep
    TheHighlanderReturns: damn. only 2 to's saved
    egbert: Is USC getting an ass-handing?
    Pitifulmer: oh wow, the full Monte gettin smoked....and lil' Monte not doing shit with the offense
    Vol-in-Atl: oh nice
    Bill Morgan: Nice
    Johnny Majors: Thats what im talking bout men
    MrTennessee: get out of bounds Jones so we don't get called for something
    tebowisgay: Bray made them pay
    Vol-in-Atl: loco mofo
    el Jeffe: we must endeavor to persevere
    OrangeIris: Gerald Jones!!!
    lynchburgvol: beavers are up 20-0
    golfvol: mustain throwing bounce passes
    Pitifulmer: Gerald JOnes stopped loving her......today
    10 uh C VOL: new USC QB, 3 and out
    Johnny Majors: hahahahaha, piti
    Bill Morgan: That was a clusterfuck
    TheHighlanderReturns: that looked odd
    lynchburgvol: the USC worm burner?
    BrassVols: Goddammit Chaneyhas gone Cutmer on us
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Damn, we should just chuck it.
    Pitifulmer: Arian lolled at that run, due to familiarity
    Vol-in-Atl: Nashville tv once had footage of George Jones getting a dui. Great shit.
    MrTennessee: Poole doesn't look 100% probably about 90-95%
    Bill Morgan: Da'reverse
    tebowisgay: lets try running next year
    TheHighlanderReturns: hunter time
    Pitifulmer: waste of a down
    Bill Morgan: Too far Bray
    Johnny Majors: Is this fucking annoucer a Vandy grad?
    egbert: if that had been at Wrigley today he'd have run into brick. Or Neyland for that matter
    VolDave: bad call, they smelled that one from a mile away
    Johnny Majors: GREAT FUCKING DEFENSE!!!!!
    Pitifulmer: slant over middle
    lynchburgvol: any way we can blame malik for that bad pass?
    Bill Morgan: damnit
    Pitifulmer: god dammit, and I called it
    Bill Morgan: that was a TD
    MrTennessee: Poole :(
    egbert: Poole is having a crap game tonight
    TheHighlanderReturns: good call. horrid execution
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Too hard for a HB.
    VolDave: that was 6 if he catches it
    Johnny Majors: Fuck. Malik.
    SoftballVol: Threw behind him.
    Johnny Majors: You got to catch that shit
    Vol-in-Atl: cmon Palardy. You fuckin all star.
    golfvol: what is the 76 for on the helmet?
    docvol joined the chat 5 days ago
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Guys, if Cody Pope were playing tonight, we're up by 30 at this point. Just too much to overcome
    el Jeffe: she wasn't very good at it
    Bill Morgan: Nice kick Linc
    Vol-in-Atl: Lincoln. My bad
    MrTennessee: bad snap thankfully we got 3
    TheHighlanderReturns: i'd like to have alilson keep her eye on the ball
    egbert: that should pretty much seal this one.
    OrangeIris: Catch first. Then run.....
    tebowisgay: daniel "the groin" Lincoln Gooood
    Johnny Majors: Defense must bring madness.
    Vol-in-Atl: Hold them two more times, and no more to's.
    Pitifulmer: golf.....the 6 year pre-anniversary of Vandy beating us at home
    SoftballVol: Can anyone tell me why Oku is playing 2nd string tonight?
    VolDave: If it doesn't eggy then i don't want to see it
    napervol: Pope sucks veggies
    lynchburgvol: can bray just neel every play from here on out
    Vol-in-Atl: Neal must've got caught with the sticky icky
    napervol: who is neel
    TheHighlanderReturns: Is there any concern they might have to amputate on Pope?
    Pitifulmer: bob's buddy
    VolDave: Can we get a kickoff beyond the 15
    lynchburgvol: kneel?
    TheHighlanderReturns: I say no, dave
    Johnny Majors: Not allowed at Tennessee.
    el Jeffe: no dave
    tebowisgay: I would glue allison's eyes shut
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Miss St. is keeping it close with arky
    Pitifulmer: that would require stanima
    Bill Morgan: Where is RRR RRR RRRoger
    Black_Label: I wish I could see this mythical Allison
    docvol: I'm listening to Blob and you all are about 5 seconds ahead. Fortune teller chat.
    Pitifulmer: google image search
    TheHighlanderReturns: lovely brown eye alison has
    Bill Morgan: stanima is a good thing when dealing with Allison
    Pitifulmer: no, Blob is just that slow
    napervol: ring your cowbell
    VolDave: Imagine Jen Sterger, Label
    Johnny Majors: Hidden Maxim #8: Suck dick on Special Teams, remember to swallow.
    egbert: what channel is that USC game on?
    Bill Morgan: ESPN3
    Pitifulmer: without the balloons
    westcoastvol: abc eggie
    Black_Label: Man, I try to imagine a hot chick then Blob starts talking.... not pretty image
    egbert: ah. Not here.
    10 uh C VOL: our ineptitude is purely my fault as I have not been able to chat us to proper play...I suck
    Bill Morgan: another kick to the 10
    Pitifulmer: is the pooch kick mandatory for all Vol teams?>
    TheHighlanderReturns: 11. Don't give them too much credit bill
    Bill Morgan: oops
    Bill Morgan: I always try to squeeze a few extra inches in
    Pitifulmer: way to go
    Vol-in-Atl: Here's her twitter feed. http://twitter.com/SonnyAMW
    TheLegendJerryGreen: There are 25k students at UT. Surely one can kick the ball to the goal line
    MrTennessee: of course it is Piti. It's one of our maxims afterall
    Bill Morgan: Gerald is pwning
    TheHighlanderReturns: holy shot a willie bohannon sighting
    Pitifulmer: I didn't see it on the list. I had to ask.
    tebowisgay: Gerald must really hate vandy
    westcoastvol: If I had foreskin, I'd say, "Hey Vandy, chew my foreskin you miserable bags of monkey fuck!"
    VolDave: that was edrick bohannon
    Bill Morgan: Nice stop EG
    Pitifulmer: tackle that taint.
    MrTennessee: good awareness by gordon to make that a third down
    Pitifulmer: yes!!!
    Vol-in-Atl: our ball
    Bill Morgan: our ball
    MrTennessee: no way
    Pitifulmer: refs better not fuck us
    TheHighlanderReturns: Penn won't let that stand
    tebowisgay: nice play AJ
    Bill Morgan: Predator is hurt
    Venomous: hot diggity damn
    lynchburgvol: this vandy team is pitiful
    westcoastvol: Egbert, still 20-0 Owegon State 10 left in the 3rd
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Wonder we didn't get called for roughing
    BrassVols: Yay
    Vol-in-Atl: They've got time to review this so hold on
    10 uh C VOL: USC: two series....2 total yards without Barkley
    AreSeeFiddyWon: He was down
    egbert: "a rare completion for Larry Smith". That's gotta hurt.
    MrTennessee: they will review this
    Pitifulmer: shit, close
    Bill Morgan: fuck me running
    Johnny Majors: Fuck.
    MrTennessee: *sigh*
    Bill Morgan: snap it
    Pitifulmer: INCONCLUSIVE!!!!!!
    lynchburgvol: these announcers sure do want vandy to win
    Venomous: take off
    Bill Morgan: snap the ball
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Does Caldwell know that he can challenge
    westcoastvol: Wagers will remind him
    Vol-in-Atl: too good to be true
    Venomous: unfortunately
    BrassVols: We cant catch a fookin break
    tebowisgay: stoopid not to snap it
    Pitifulmer: that;s a tie
    TheHighlanderReturns: Working in our favor, the video work here is so wretched, it may be inconclusive
    westcoastvol: Priest doesn't seem to think it's a turnover
    MrTennessee: we just can't get a break tonight
    docvol: Update, Blob is at least 25 seconds behind
    egbert: close
    Pitifulmer: fuck you Boring
    Vol-in-Atl: I blame Dooley
    lynchburgvol: "Coach do you want to review"..."What?"...""I assume you mean yes"
    Pitifulmer: it's a tie
    VolDave: They will give it back to candy
    Pitifulmer: tie goes to the drugrunner
    TheLegendJerryGreen: CSS = a bunch of UGA homers
    Tim Irwin: I just love phil fulmer
    Johnny Majors: Its getting turned over they are looking too long
    egbert: next play = INT
    Pitifulmer: I think it's too close to overturn
    VolDave: The longer it takes the better for us JM
    TheHighlanderReturns: alison reel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2wj...
    egbert: my prediction anyway
    tebowisgay: I want to taser the next fuck that says indiputable
    Tim Irwin: I think about Phil Fulmer all the time even if I wake up in middle of night I think of Phil fulmer first thing
    lynchburgvol: WIth crunch time coming, what would fulmer do it this situation?
    Bill Morgan: He was down
    Johnny Majors: A Pick six turns into a first down, the same with a fumble
    Pitifulmer: ball is halfway out when knee is down
    RynoVol: His knee was down and they'll give Candy the ball where we recovered it. ..so sayeth Slive.
    smoky2276 joined the chat 5 days ago
    Pitifulmer: fuck
    Pitifulmer: of ocurse
    Bill Morgan: Penn is happy as fuck
    Johnny Majors: Fuck you. Cock sucker.
    MrTennessee: *sigh*
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Penn has a Woody now
    TheHighlanderReturns: Penn would be out a hand job if that had stood
    VolDave: Penn has a woodie after that one
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Weidnehoffer
    lynchburgvol: vandy is getting every break ole miss didnt get last week
    Bill Morgan: Bring the Funk
    egbert: It's going to take Vandy 11 minutes to score anyway so it's no big deal
    MrTennessee: i hope Funk is in a funk
    RynoVol: The Funker
    Johnny Majors: Back up QB
    Johnny Majors: Fuck me
    westcoastvol: Blob seems to think it's the right call
    Venomous: Funk? any kin to Terry?
    Pitifulmer: Slive must be on vacation out of the country, without ESON3 availablilty, as he needs UT to get to a bowl to make him more money.
    Bill Morgan: Dory
    lynchburgvol: good thing beef isnt the DC with the backup qb in
    Bill Morgan: funk him up
    Pitifulmer: nice stop
    Johnny Majors: Funk would be a Hesiman candidate if Taco was calling teh D>
    MrTennessee: Slive is gone into hiding after the Pearl ruling and trying to prevent getting indicted in the Fig Newton scandal
    Big T joined the chat 5 days ago
    egbert: we want da funk. Gotta have da funk.
    RynoVol: Don't fight the funk
    Pitifulmer: true, mr.
    Vol-in-Atl: You got a real type of thing going round
    circledrill: Slive bites
    Bill Morgan: shit
    Venomous: Funky cold Medina
    Johnny Majors: can't fake the funk on a nasty dunk
    circledrill: funky dunk
    lynchburgvol: ass pucker time
    Johnny Majors: I fucking hate Vandy.
    docvol: bringin down the funk
    RynoVol: funkadelic
    Vol-in-Atl: face mask
    circledrill: dunky funk
    Venomous: Blobby Bob and the Funky cunts
    Bill Morgan: flag coming
    MrTennessee: everyone boo malik
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Fuck Malik
    BrassVols: Quit celebrating MOTHERFUCKER
    VolDave: They are gonna call Malik for unsportsmanlike conduct
    egbert: he pitty-patted him down
    Johnny Majors: Malik roughing the runner. 15 yards first down
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Gerald said " I'm still gonna beat your ass"
    circledrill: danky
    circledrill: vanky
    Pitifulmer: wow
    Bill Morgan: nice job
    Vol-in-Atl: flag
    Johnny Majors: Nice D.
    lynchburgvol: nice -5 yd pass
    golfvol: ref feeling up nivk
    BrassVols: 3rd and Wilcox
    Vol-in-Atl: The refs are jonesing to throw a flag on us
    Bill Morgan: pick 6 time
    MrTennessee: Penn telling Nick to quit bieng excited
    egbert: Wagers is telling Reveiz to stop worshipping
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Nice play Nick. Flag for talking to Jesus
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Waggers wanted to flag Reveiz for pointing up
    golfvol: nick'
    TheHighlanderReturns: penn said get your ass back over there boy
    sonofgryllus joined the chat 5 days ago
    Johnny Majors: 3rd and long a need a crack rock hiy
    el Jeffe: inspired ftball
    Bill Morgan: Come on JJ
    Tim Irwin: overrated
    VolDave: jj wanted a pick 6
    circledrill: overshoots his man
    Johnny Majors: Arky Miss State is getting good
    Bill Morgan: time to punt........
    egbert: Hey, I just got a text from the KNS -- Lincoln kicked a FG UT is now up 17-3
    Vol-in-Atl: Four down territory. Guarantee we fuck it up wiht a penalty here
    Johnny Majors: by the way
    AreSeeFiddyWon: FUCK!!! IT'S 4TH DOWN!!!
    circledrill: his man shoots
    Bill Morgan: oh shit
    Pitifulmer: Oklahoma stomping that 8pt spread. Up 41-7
    BigTenn joined the chat 5 days ago
    Vol-in-Atl: uh oh
    RynoVol: A funkin' punt
    TheHighlanderReturns: this is why they are vanderbilt
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Oh damn, they are punting
    Bill Morgan: lol
    golfvol: 23-0 OSU
    MrTennessee: hrm
    circledrill: OMG a punt
    Pitifulmer: We luckily had no one back there
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Whew! Dools pulled the returner
    MrTennessee: can we get a 8 minute drive?
    egbert: They can get it inside the 10. We have it on the 40 and Cunningham nets us 20 yards.
    sonofgryllus: we're in trouble
    VolDave: we were smart and put nobody back
    golfvol: did we have no returners back
    RynoVol: touched down at the five..awarded at the one.
    lynchburgvol: arky pulled a stoerner
    BigTenn: go beavers
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Vandy should punt on first down.
    circledrill: I can give an eight minute drive
    Vol-in-Atl: I think we did but he was nowhere near the ball
    Venomous: Beavers pop the Trojans
    Tim Irwin: I just love the way Phil Fumers butt looks in those pants he wore on sideline, I'm so depressed he's not here. I have dreams of Fulmer every night.
    Johnny Majors: Id drive allison for about 8.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Beavers over the Trogans?
    SoftballVol: Time for Simms?
    egbert: Dang -- MSU is on the 15 with 1:12 to go
    VolDave: If Devrin Young can just catch the ball then we ought to give him 2 scholarships
    circledrill: funky dunk Allison
    tebowisgay: SEC special olympics commercial, don't they know we are watching it?
    RynoVol: no shit Dave
    Johnny Majors: Allison fancies Tea Bags.
    Pitifulmer: holy shit, I finally just watched that Joe Kines halftime interview. Had a mouthful of beer that took me :30 to swallow.
    Venomous: Fulmer's ass looked like 2 hawgs fighting in a burlap sack
    RynoVol: Young earned that scholly in Sept.
    Yurt joined the chat 5 days ago
    Johnny Majors: Joe Kines is hilarious
    TheHighlanderReturns: Allison is my new favorite sideline reporter
    lynchburgvol: pit...do you have a link?
    Tim Irwin: Fulmer was so intimidating the way he would cross his arms and look at the ref
    Johnny Majors: Allison and Holly Rowe 3 some, I'm down
    Yurt: Miss St kicking to win
    Vol-in-Atl: OT in MSU game
    Bill Morgan: tie
    egbert: MSU kicks FG to tie game ...free football in Starkeville
    Johnny Majors: Overtime on MSU and ARKY
    Yurt: Sorry to tie.
    Black_Label: I always thought he was the mosst intimidating when he clapped
    RynoVol: OT in starkvegas
    sonofgryllus: free football
    TheHighlanderReturns: With Holly, wouldn't that be a fouresome?
    Bill Morgan: MSU QB fucked them
    Pitifulmer: haha
    Johnny Majors: good call highlander
    Johnny Majors: even better
    Vol-in-Atl: Kinda rather watch the MSU game
    Bill Morgan: More wet spots on Holly
    lynchburgvol: the mad hatter is the most intimidating clapper in the sec
    tebowisgay: that would make it a foursome if Holly is involved
    sonofgryllus: $180K and MSU would have a few more wins this year
    Black_Label: Thought he was the best grass eater?
    Johnny Majors: He doesnt use his finger when he claps
    circledrill: Vandy stacking the line
    AreSeeFiddyWon: our run blocking blows
    MrTennessee: didn't the miss st game start later than ours?
    Pitifulmer: Sail on, honey. Good times never felt so good.
    RynoVol: it funkin' blows
    tebowisgay: shit great minds highlander
    Yurt: Poole's streak ends tonight
    Johnny Majors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkNT...
    Pitifulmer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkNT...
    Bill Morgan: shit
    Bobby Scott: Bobby you miss Fulmer still?
    VolDave: Denarious is having a subpar game
    Johnny Majors: Well this game is just great.
    Bobby Scott: you know this is grind it out
    Bobby Scott: you know
    AreSeeFiddyWon: 20 yd shank
    Bill Morgan: Shitty punt
    Pitifulmer: did the punt make the first down?
    circledrill: no flag
    MrTennessee: *sigh*
    Bobby Scott: uh
    TheHighlanderReturns: some day, we'll have real kickers
    sonofgryllus: Palardy is a better punter
    circledrill: 17-10 will blow
    Pitifulmer: lol USC now down 23-0
    VolDave: like i said, Cunningham needs to boom one and he kicks it 28 yards
    RynoVol: We'll win, but not cover. It's 2001 all over again.
    napervol: Cunnilingusham
    Bill Morgan: We should be up 4 td's
    TheHighlanderReturns: I see Erin Andrews as the giver in a match up with Allison
    docvol: Go Beavers,
    sonofgryllus: What is the line- 8.5?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: We aren't a very good football team.
    Pitifulmer: Palardy is Janikowski's crippled cousin.
    circledrill: Beavers
    Johnny Majors: Naw Allison is def. going down
    thebigorange joined the chat 5 days ago
    docvol: That sounds fun, I like Beavers
    SoftballVol: Dos Equis best commercial on TV.
    smoky2276: As long as we kill Tucky next week
    sonofgryllus: Palardy is a better punter than placekicker
    Bill Morgan: touch the ball
    SoftballVol: Used to be the AllState commercials when they had the two guys at the stadium.
    sonofgryllus: He has the best avg in the SEC
    Johnny Majors: But Holly would strap one on for all of them.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: ROMANS!
    TheHighlanderReturns: I meant Erin wearing the strap on.
    RynoVol: I don't often swear at football, but when I do, it's Tennessee football.
    napervol: fat ass

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    Pitifulmer: damn, that fogerty/springsteen DVD looks good
    RynoVol: Swear thirsty my friends.
    Pitifulmer: pirate bay, here I come
    Bill Morgan: LMAO Ryno
    SoftballVol: LOL
    Johnny Majors: Yeah, I could see Erin with the strap on.
    Bill Morgan: It's Bruce's fault
    napervol: she has a dick already
    circledrill: wow Bruce Pearl suspended
    Johnny Majors: Id like to see it.
    Yurt: Piling on BP during fball?
    MrTennessee: was that a slive decision?
    Vol-in-Atl: flag on us
    MrTennessee: good land
    Bill Morgan: flag?
    MrTennessee: this game just WONT END
    tebowisgay: Fiire hammy
    Vol-in-Atl: we roughed somebody
    Bill Morgan: lolololololollllllllllll​llllllllllllllllllll
    MrTennessee: Penn has to have the highest throw flags count in the sec
    circledrill: Show Allison
    Vol-in-Atl: I blame Dooley
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Penn is a cocksucker
    docvol: Has Roger (?) or whats his name made an appearance tonight?
    Pitifulmer: sob
    circledrill: hands to the face
    Black_Label: horseshit
    egbert: he sweetly put his hands to his face on that call
    tebowisgay: Fire Penn Wagers
    Johnny Majors: hands on cock
    napervol: fuck you pennhead
    Pitifulmer: sail on, bitches
    sonofgryllus: msu fumbled through the endzone
    TheHighlanderReturns: penn's earning his money tonight
    tebowisgay: with the pimp hand
    Vol-in-Atl: jew baiter
    Pitifulmer: omfg
    Bill Morgan: out of bounds
    VolDave: out of bounds, no catch
    Pitifulmer: whew, finally caught a break
    Vol-in-Atl: flag on us
    Black_Label: ha ha ha
    egbert: this is classic Fulmer
    TheHighlanderReturns: penn will overrule
    MrTennessee: look at that they want to give vandy the td
    AreSeeFiddyWon: We'll get fucked on this call too
    circledrill: ref threw his panties
    Johnny Majors: Some act of god will give them this TD
    RynoVol: Wait a minute, we'll get a ruling from Birmingham on this one.
    Pitifulmer: they'll say he was pushed, but threw the flag for the fuck of it
    Vol-in-Atl: flag on us
    Vol-in-Atl: wow
    sonofgryllus: lol
    circledrill: touching
    Yurt: haw haw
    TheHighlanderReturns: my god. I can't believe penn didn't fuck us there
    Johnny Majors: These got damn announcers are killing me. Dude said, "HE WAS FORCED! Thats a TD!"
    golfvol: usc scored and going for 2
    MrTennessee: wow he just said murphy's law
    Pitifulmer: shut up fatwell.....you've had the calls all night
    lynchburgvol: you could see the ref was pissed he had to make that call
    Venomous: I tetched myself on that one
    bluetick: givin' the business
    circledrill: touching
    egbert: illegal touching sounds so...illegal
    Pitifulmer: Murphy's Law was my first concert
    golfvol: flag now going for 1
    TheHighlanderReturns: joe kines = brendan fraser in bedazzled
    golfvol: osu 23-7
    VolDave: fucking soft zone
    sonofgryllus: illegal touching- the Briscoe Rule
    circledrill: soft zone
    RynoVol: Defense back to giving out career bests
    Pitifulmer: haha son
    Johnny Majors: hahahaha
    MrTennessee: and now the scoreboard thingy is gone
    lynchburgvol: are we running the mustang defense
    tebowisgay: Illeagal touchi, he'll go pro with the TSA
    Pitifulmer: illegal penetration - the Daniel....never mind
    golfvol: jj
    circledrill: illegal touching in the soft zone
    MrTennessee: flag on the play?
    RynoVol: wtf
    Pitifulmer: thank you janzen
    Black_Label: Nice JJ
    Yurt: 15
    egbert: wish he'da tooked dat to da house
    AreSeeFiddyWon: 15 bailed 'em out
    Pitifulmer: he;s no Berry
    Johnny Majors: Throw a flag. Too much of an athletic move by #15 on the Defense. Game over Vandy wins.
    lynchburgvol: threw it straight to jj
    MrTennessee: eg you were right! just took a little bit of time for that to happen
    VolDave: jj was waiting on that one
    RynoVol: Nuke says "nice pick"
    egbert: you mean the INT MrT?
    MrTennessee: yup
    Yurt: longest run of night?
    Pitifulmer: stop stutter stepping and run, bitch
    Johnny Majors: Damn. Kill clock and get the fuck out of Nashville.
    lynchburgvol: AD80 says fuck you volquest
    Pitifulmer: yeah, I got money on it too, Johnny
    egbert: Have they said what the deal is with Neal?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: That's why you got backknifed Johnny
    MrTennessee: flag
    Yurt: AD80 too fucked up to spell Volquest
    RynoVol: you sure it wasn't fu, fu, fu, fu, fuck you VQ?
    Pitifulmer: just want some extra padding
    Bill Morgan joined the chat 5 days ago
    Vol-in-Atl: 5-6 boys! Who'se happy?
    Venomous: thats OC80
    lynchburgvol: poole ran right into that guy
    MrTennessee: someone go stab him in the eye so he won't keep calling flags
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Good grief, what is that 900 penalties?
    Bill Morgan: fuck
    Pitifulmer: happier than 2005 at this point
    VolDave: Happier than I would be if we were 4-7
    circledrill: now we have to throw
    sonofgryllus: arky missed a fg
    Tim Irwin: Guys Aarons a good kid from a great family.
    Johnny Majors: Miss is luckier than NC State today.
    tebowisgay: This game= Special olympics cage match
    RynoVol: This crew goes on DL with multiple rotator cuff tears
    TheHighlanderReturns: he's just misunderstood
    Bill Morgan: come on Gerald
    VolDave: That was scary
    Pitifulmer: he's misunder-hood
    Yurt: Good point TAV
    Bill Morgan: you have to catch the ball focker
    circledrill: got whacked
    MrTennessee: and the clock stops.....
    TheHighlanderReturns: I think the whole team went out and got Cheney's this week
    circledrill: did Allison get whacked?
    egbert: run a draw, which will nicely set up a 28 yard punt
    VolDave: Run a draw
    circledrill: in the soft zone?
    Tim Irwin: Aaron has a problem and needs people to stay off his back
    Vol-in-Atl: I think the entire offense should get Chaney haircuts to get ready for Kentucky.
    Bill Morgan: we suck balls
    MrTennessee: goodness
    TheHighlanderReturns: Have they called a penalty on vandy tonight?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: That CB for Vandy has played well
    Pitifulmer: TAV? Aren't I logged in as Pitifulmer on your end?
    VolDave: How far will richie Cunningham shank this one?
    Yurt: I'm going retro
    MrTennessee: only when they absolutely HAD to THR
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Only when it was offsetting Highlander
    Johnny Majors: The Chaney Cut, brought to you by Super Cuts at West Towne Mall.
    circledrill: coverage?
    Pitifulmer: oh ok cool, just making sure. I'm kinda hammered.
    egbert: stupid play -- run a draw or a short pass and even with 4th down we could've run it inside 4 minutes
    golfvol: we should have recruited 83 on vandy, he can catch
    BrassVols: HOw can a white boy leave our jocks on th efield like thta???
    Yurt: I'm working on mine
    VolDave: I know eggy, we gave away 40 seconds there
    10 uh C VOL: Barkley on crutches
    Bill Morgan: wide open
    Vol-in-Atl: Arkansas gonna win
    Bobby Scott: Our D makes the big plays
    Pitifulmer: Okla-fucking-homa up 50-10 in the 3rd
    Johnny Majors: on who?
    TheHighlanderReturns: 3 peanltie for 15 yards on candy
    Pennypacker joined the chat 5 days ago
    lynchburgvol: neb - tamu tied up 3-3....and i thought this game was boring
    Johnny Majors: Who was Texas playing this week?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Did he just say surgery on his labia?
    Bill Morgan: GD
    Bobby Scott: who won msu vs arky?
    MrTennessee: this is bad
    Yurt: we are terrible
    egbert: shades of Fulmer/Chavis
    Pennypacker: Hey Bill Morgan
    Vol-in-Atl: thats what I thought he said!
    Johnny Majors: Fuck me. I'm gonna need some drugs.
    Pitifulmer: uh oh, some people may be losing money now.
    Pennypacker: I've heard a lot about you Bill Morgan.
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Lamarcus Thompson sighting 40 yards downfield
    Bill Morgan: I'm a fucking legend
    TheHighlanderReturns: pick
    egbert: smack
    BrassVols: Thats what a 3 star LB does for you
    Yurt: oh yeah
    Bobby Scott: Is Bill the one who fights?
    Venomous: It ain't nothin to Bill to whup a man's ass
    Pennypacker: I didn't think you said fuck, Bill Morgan
    Bill Morgan: I don't
    lynchburgvol: thank god vandy has a bunch of 2*
    Bill Morgan: I said fucking
    Bill Morgan: pay attention
    Johnny Majors: Matt Simms sighting
    Pitifulmer: Like I said in my post on OM earlier today......"I don't trust them enough to win by 10, so I teased them down to -3, along with Oklahoma -2."
    Pennypacker: well, we all know you can't say fucking with out fuck, Bill Morgan
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Nash Nance
    Yurt: Simms wants some
    Bill Morgan: Damn skippy Venom, you might have heard of me
    Bobby Scott: Nance looks like Dave Hooker
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Nance's nut duster wouldn't have fit in at Vandy
    Yurt: took out j rog
    Bill Morgan: wow
    Bill Morgan: I had visions of pick 6
    egbert: that was a decleater waiting to happen
    VolDave: i was thinkin pick6 there
    Bill Morgan: to the crib?
    Pennypacker: So glad I didn't bet the over on this game
    Pitifulmer: play the ball and not the receiver, and you would've had it
    MrTennessee: 3rd and taco
    Pennypacker: think it was at 48 1/2 last I checked
    Johnny Majors: 3rd and Back Up QB
    Venomous: It's a damn oil filter! You said it wuz a good un
    egbert: Arky TD
    circledrill: typical Vandy game
    Pitifulmer: yeah, not even close
    circledrill: first down
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Fucking Malik, this should be a 24-3 game.
    MrTennessee: this game just wont end
    Bobby Scott: Teague used his helmet, glad ref didn't see
    Bill Morgan: GD, Vandy will score and fuck my cover
    Yurt: Need more cowbell
    circledrill: Malik
    Bill Morgan: indeed
    Pitifulmer: wow
    Johnny Majors: Fuck.
    Pitifulmer: here comes the onside kick
    MrTennessee: screw you malik
    lynchburgvol: teague got burned
    Character Counts: Teague was toasted
    egbert: Art Evans told Teague how to cover that guy
    VolDave: unfuckingbelieveable
    Yurt: 17-10 sux
    Bill Morgan: bring predator back
    egbert: which is to say, not to cover him
    el Jeffe: safety on hash
    Yurt: LV knew
    circledrill: funk
    Pennypacker: I love that we're back to bitching about only winning by small margins again
    Pitifulmer: nice coverage, faggot
    Johnny Majors: Onside time.
    RynoVol: Art Evans woulda shut that shit down
    Bobby Scott: block it
    MrTennessee: are you SERIOUS Penn? You gotta call a flag on the PAT?
    Bill Morgan: onside kick time
    westcoastvol: we should be beating these cretins by 750! This is horseshit.
    Pitifulmer: 4 more times, and they may be out of range
    lynchburgvol: this is vandy...chees and rice
    TheHighlanderReturns: This is the reason you don't gamble boys and girls
    MrTennessee: yep, who put $100 on this game?
    Bill Morgan: UT - 8-, L
    egbert: I'm not sure we can run 2:33 off the clock the way Poole has run tonight. If we cover the onsides, that is. If they onsides it, that is.
    Johnny Majors: Fuck you Chris Doering
    Pitifulmer: this is EXACTLY why I gamble. I just need the Vols to win by 4.
    lynchburgvol: i did see the words easy $
    Yurt: MSU 4th and 7
    Pitifulmer: and Oklahoma to win by 2.
    Bill Morgan: teasers kill me Piti
    RynoVol: We're gonna have to join the Music City Bowl in progress after this game.
    Johnny Majors: ARKY WINS
    Yurt: Game over
    Vol-in-Atl: what did you tease to get it to 4?
    Character Counts: Put Gerald Williams on the front for the onside kick. He wants to score.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Poole has played shitty, the Oline has played worse.
    Yurt: Needed more cowbell
    Pitifulmer: put Hunter in
    Pennypacker: this won't be close, we'll get it
    Bill Morgan: this is our first one all year
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Fuck you Arky!! there goes my pick 'em
    Pennypacker: dumbass announcers
    egbert: Odds are always against UT in onsides situations
    tebowisgay: These guys are tardfucks of course you kick onside
    Johnny Majors: Penn on the recovery Vandy ball.
    circledrill: need deep penetration in the soft zone
    Bill Morgan: flag
    Pitifulmer: wtf
    Bill Morgan: we were offsides
    Vol-in-Atl: flag on us
    MrTennessee: and OF COURSE there is a flag
    Pitifulmer: shouldn't that have stopped the play?
    AreSeeFiddyWon: 15 Yard penalty for recovering the kick
    Bill Morgan: Run the ball down their facking throats
    Pennypacker: speaking of deep penetration in the soft zone, how's your wife Bill Morgan? Been a while since I've seen her
    egbert: kicking team? wow
    Pitifulmer: perfect!!
    Bill Morgan: Kick a FG and I win
    Yurt: reverse to 21
    Bill Morgan: score you bastards
    Pitifulmer: wow Penny, brutal.
    egbert: Moore got the ball
    Bill Morgan: exactly what I needed
    MrTennessee: what was that?!?!?!??!
    circledrill: block??
    Pitifulmer: just throw one deep here. They won't be expecting it.
    RynoVol: we can't run on funkin' Vandy
    egbert: Like I said...don't think we'll get close to running the clock down
    Character Counts: Run the reverse to Da'Rick
    BrassVols: this is pirtiful
    Bobby Scott: Greenstone is huge, why don't he play for us?
    egbert: where's that reverse to Rogers?
    Bill Morgan: Penny, the only thing you would know about deep penetration is the black cock in your ass
    egbert: beat me to it Character
    Pitifulmer: I owuldn't trust the reverse here.
    lynchburgvol: hope ut doenst play like this against ky jelly
    Character Counts: great minds think alike
    Pennypacker: Don't bring your father into this Bill Morgan
    Johnny Majors: Get off the fucking ball. O line
    Bobby Scott: Poole may not get his 1000 yd season now
    Yurt: thankee
    Pitifulmer: play action, 20 yd pass to Jones
    TheHighlanderReturns: We got it out of our system
    egbert: Hopefully this is the come-back-down-to-earth game lynchburg
    circledrill: 6 man d line
    Bill Morgan: We need a FG
    Pitifulmer: when you know the other teams have TOs left, why the fuck do you play conservtive?
    Pennypacker: Our coach is Dooley, there won't be a FG
    Bill Morgan: Come on Lincoln, get those quads warm
    TheHighlanderReturns: we'll get it down to 1:30.
    Pennypacker: learn something after 10 games, would you?
    Yurt: when you know you're not gonna cover, why play conservative?
    egbert: Cunningham better boom one here
    Bill Morgan: fg
    Bill Morgan: fg
    Bill Morgan: fg
    Bobby Scott: unless we get along run we've lost the spread
    Johnny Majors: Fuck
    MrTennessee: are we in fg range?
    Vol-in-Atl: Kick a fg mother fuckers
    Pitifulmer: go for it
    TheHighlanderReturns: go for it. fuck the spread
    Johnny Majors: Fuck punting it.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Go for it!
    Bobby Scott: damn we even got to punt
    Pitifulmer: oh wait, you guys need 10 pts
    lynchburgvol: punt? this announcer is an idiot
    Yurt: we need white lighting here
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Punt will only net us 14
    Johnny Majors: Cunningham will kick it out of the stadium.
    Pitifulmer: I'm good with a FG attempt
    Pennypacker: Johnny, so true
    egbert: Hell I thought we were at midfield my bad
    Bill Morgan: Lincoln has 45 in the bag bitches
    Pitifulmer: I'd rather go for it
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Cunningam will interupt wine tasting in the tent
    Yurt: Palardy bitches!
    Johnny Majors: Id go for it and throw that mother fucker in the end zone. fuck it.
    TheHighlanderReturns: go for it
    Venomous: Why the fuck would we punt?
    Yurt: Never mind, we're outside of the 20
    BrassVols: Go for the 1st put it away
    Pitifulmer: Palrady button-hooked the last one he kicked over 45
    VolDave: run the darickverse here
    AreSeeFiddyWon: haha He loves following him
    egbert: They have no TO's right?
    TheHighlanderReturns: right
    Bill Morgan: I need to see the loco fingers here
    Pitifulmer: I don't think so, go for it
    tebowisgay: faggot vandy fife player
    TheHighlanderReturns: roll out to jones
    RynoVol: Where's that Devin dude from last year? He could make a FG.
    Pennypacker: Let Palardy kick it so he can hit the left pylon.
    Johnny Majors: Bray naked boot
    egbert: Vandy is offsides anyway
    Pitifulmer: fuck
    Bill Morgan: shit
    egbert: lined up offsides
    Bill Morgan: fg
    Bill Morgan: fg
    Bill Morgan: fg
    AreSeeFiddyWon: 4 for 14? damn we suck
    VolDave: Throw to Stocker goes for 6
    Yurt: gay ass play call
    tebowisgay: play action bitches
    lynchburgvol: punt
    Bill Morgan: Dooley you pussy
    BrassVols: I think i would have kept that last TO
    Pennypacker: I love Dooley
    TheHighlanderReturns: don't like it
    Johnny Majors: Fake the fucking field goal.
    Pitifulmer: wtf?
    Vol-in-Atl: fg
    lynchburgvol: statue of liberty
    egbert: if you go for it spread the field dammit
    AreSeeFiddyWon: haha the one announcer isn't a total moron
    Pennypacker: people are thinking about this way more than they need to be
    Pitifulmer: kick the fucking fg and end it.
    Yurt: if they gatorade bath tonight I am done
    RynoVol: The Hat fake
    MrTennessee: please let us get a break here
    TheLegendJerryGreen: fumblerooskie
    Venomous: palardy will hit it. kick the motherfucker and lets go to the house
    TheHighlanderReturns: roll out for td to cover
    Bill Morgan: TE down the middle for 6
    egbert: the ol' waterbucket play
    Johnny Majors: Spread the fucking field. 5 Wide Bray Draw.
    RynoVol: Quick kick
    lynchburgvol: hail mary
    Johnny Majors: Jamal Lewis sweep
    Pitifulmer: are you fucking serious? Let's do SOMETHING
    Pennypacker: stocker over the middle
    Pennypacker: no fg, no Td
    Vol-in-Atl: Run that middle school play where the center hands the ball over his shoulder
    Yurt: the announcer said go for it, GO FOR IT
    egbert: Hit your free throws Bray!
    TheLegendJerryGreen joined the chat 5 days ago
    lynchburgvol: bubble screen,,,double da'rick verse
    egbert: vandy is offsides again'
    circledrill: run the pick and roll
    egbert: td
    Yurt: hail mary
    Bill Morgan: Gooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooo
    Pitifulmer: see ya!!!
    Pennypacker: lmao
    golfvol: cover
    TheLegendJerryGreen: I'll be damned
    Bill Morgan: lololololololol
    bluetick: ha!
    Yurt: LMFAO
    Johnny Majors: What up bitch.
    Bill Morgan: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$​$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Black_Label: LOL
    AreSeeFiddyWon: HOUSED!
    TheHighlanderReturns: gamblers are happy
    circledrill: Poole!!
    Pitifulmer: everyone wins money!!!!!!!!!!
    MrTennessee: and everyone lets out a HUGE sigh of relief
    egbert: that was Poole's best play of the night -- nice move
    RynoVol: where's the flag to fuck the cover
    MrTennessee: now that's VANDY
    VolDave: Like I said, give it to Poole!
    TheHighlanderReturns: stocker with a big time block
    VolDave: fuck those bitches
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Poole is pissed he didnt get more tonight
    westcoastvol: YEAH suck it VANDY!
    Johnny Majors: Vandy. Got to love them smart bastards.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Retroactive flag to take 7 off the board
    lynchburgvol: fuckin malik...it should be 31-10
    RynoVol: Library fillls up again
    Bill Morgan: Did Poole get 100?
    Yurt: Poole +100?
    napervol: fuck the commodores
    Pitifulmer: THIS is why you gamble
    TheHighlanderReturns: gotta be close
    Pitifulmer: Sail on, bitches
    VolDave: no he had maybe 80
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Yeah, fuck Malik
    Vol-in-Atl: still aint over
    Black_Label: Naper, I agree. I can't stand those elitist pricks.
    Johnny Majors: My wife better thank Poole. If I lost money........right in the kisser
    circledrill: fuck Malik
    ElConquistador: wooooooo hhhhooooooo
    tebowisgay: stocker sweet block
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Not even close Yurt
    VolDave: malik & the call on stocker
    Bill Morgan: We need a fumbled KO for another TD
    Black_Label: El Con is a Vandy fan
    TheHighlanderReturns: over under on the kick off distance?
    Bill Morgan: The BCS will look at our margin of victory
    RynoVol: Couldn't throw a flag...every ref cramped up
    circledrill: onsides kick
    OrangeIris: Bravo! "Stragety"!!!
    egbert: not only are we one away from a bowl, we also just avoided our worst season in UT history. That's gotta count for something.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: kick to the 18
    lynchburgvol: yeah, with the stocker play it should be 38-10
    TheLegendJerryGreen: squib
    Yurt: onside kick
    TheLegendJerryGreen: holy shit
    egbert: goal line with no hang time
    Johnny Majors: Holy shit
    Black_Label: wow the kick
    lynchburgvol: how did it go that far
    Vol-in-Atl: dang
    Johnny Majors: Fuck that ref.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Who kicked that?
    ElConquistador: U suck Black label You have Black in your name?? Show your Black and gold!!!
    TheHighlanderReturns: 99 yds for poole.
    VolDave: ha ha ha
    bluetick: holy moley
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Best play of the night running over the Zebra
    Johnny Majors: Zebra bitch.
    Yurt: F got F'd up
    TheLegendJerryGreen: kick to the goal line. Return to the 40
    Bill Morgan: Wagers was sad to announce that penalty
    RynoVol: Jerry the cover team got winded running that far down
    Venomous: Egbert, there were some who predicted DD would break that record for futility
    Black_Label: You have conquistador in your name, you oppresed natives.
    Tnphil joined the chat 5 days ago
    westcoastvol: 23-7 Wobegone State over SC
    Bill Morgan: he was choking up
    Johnny Majors: We got Exceptional Coach Hair on Tennessee, that's a 15 yarder and 7 points for Vandy. 2nd Down.
    VolDave: We're still Tennessee & they're still Vandy
    Tnphil: see why we kick it high to the 10
    lynchburgvol: jinxing the uk game
    egbert: one of the media wonks predicted 4-8
    Pennypacker: no it's not.
    ElConquistador: you have Label in your name.. Your a piece of paper??
    tebowisgay: good fuck this official crew
    Bill Morgan: tick baby tick
    Pennypacker: Taldo is going to the UK game, and he's already said we're losing
    Pennypacker: so that's pretty official
    egbert: I smell another INT coming. Or my dog just farted again, maybe.
    westcoastvol: it sounds like Blob is saying Fuck instead of Funke
    VolDave: they are gonna score at the end to kill the spread JM
    Black_Label: Oh no. You got me htere.... I am a piece of paper.
    Bill Morgan: Mustang package fucking the cover
    circledrill: play the soft zone
    Venomous: I thought you were a beer
    Johnny Majors: I'm gonna go get me some coke and have a good night then.
    ElConquistador: ha ha ha ha aha PWN3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Vol-in-Atl: FSU would fuck us up in a bowl
    BrassVols: Fuk you wilcox bring some HEAT
    VolDave: You mean like they did in 98, Atl?
    egbert: dang they just might score here
    Yurt: the spread is in DANGER
    VolDave: they are trying to fuck JM
    westcoastvol: Wilcox has NO idea how much he's supposed to hate Vandy.
    BrassVols: Were going to fuk around and let them score
    MrTennessee: why are we playing the mutang package?
    Johnny Majors: Start that fucking clock
    AreSeeFiddyWon: AA got smoked.
    RynoVol: We should sneak 13 on the field and rush 8
    golfvol: rooster would be on the field for motivation
    Bill Morgan: blitz
    circledrill: play the 10-3 defense
    TheHighlanderReturns: here comes the rooster
    VolDave: You are gonna have to sweat out 2 passes JM
    Johnny Majors: Tennessee's 10-3-3 defence.
    Bill Morgan: tick
    egbert: game over
    Bill Morgan: tick
    Bill Morgan: ck
    ElConquistador: I gotta poop again!!!! See ya
    Bill Morgan: tick
    AreSeeFiddyWon: WTF was that shit in the backfield?
    Johnny Majors: Come on Gawt dammit
    Yurt: we just suck
    ElConquistador: Go Vols!!!
    Black_Label: lol
    Bill Morgan: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$​$$$$$$$$$$
    Johnny Majors: Game over
    TheHighlanderReturns: that's vanderbilt
    MrTennessee: bahahahahahhahhahahahaha​ha
    BigTenn: harharhar
    egbert: 2 game SEC winning streak
    Johnny Majors: $$$$$$$$$$$ Fucking Vandy
    circledrill: bwahahah
    Johnny Majors: fuck em
    el Jeffe: cuall
    Johnny Majors: Damn I need some weed.
    lynchburgvol: see ya
    VolDave: 1 win away from Music City baby!
    Pennypacker: still can't believe Fulmer lost to these fuckers
    BrassVols: THere were a LOT of people getting ready to DOG CUSS Wolcox
    westcoastvol: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA​HAHAHA you stupid fuckers!
    egbert: Gerald Williams won not only POG but also a 10% discout at Denny's for being a senior citizen
    AreSeeFiddyWon: GW shoulda had six. Fucking Malik
    Yurt: Why cant Candy be in the west. Zzz Zzz
    Johnny Majors: I'm so happy I'd fuck Linda Cohen right now
    Bill Morgan: This game was pretty for 20 minutes, and FUGLY for 40.
    Yurt: How bout Holly JM?
    Johnny Majors: Yes
    circledrill: I'm out
    Tnphil: If we play like this next week..ky will kick our ass
    Johnny Majors: Dog Style
    SoftballVol: ZZZZZZZ
    Pennypacker: Holly....yikes
    Pennypacker: you couldn't get the leather pants off
    Johnny Majors: Baby Powder
    Johnny Majors: Johnny Out
    Bill Morgan: Justin Houston
    TheLegendJerryGreen: justin houston?
    Yurt: You'd need a lot
    SoftballVol: Is the game over. I fell asleep. I dreamed I was watching a Big10 game.
    AreSeeFiddyWon: haha who the fuck is Justin Houston?
    TheLegendJerryGreen: cedric's little brother
    Bill Morgan: Wade's youngest
    Yurt: Out
    Black_Label: He is Wade Houstons littlest son

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    page 6 of 6 (w/ a little bb mixed in)

    Black_Label: Dangit Bill ya beat me to it
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Fuck Wade Houston
    AreSeeFiddyWon: Texas Tech scored 64 with Tubby at the helm.
    egbert: see you folks later
    Bill Morgan: I'm sneaky quick
    AreSeeFiddyWon: It was against a High School team I think.
    Black_Label: Ohhh, I am soooo sorry Jerry, forgot you were here
    TheLegendJerryGreen: Appology accepted. Fuck Buzz Peterson.
    Black_Label: Bill, sneaky quick like a cat.
    Tim Irwin: Nice win guys, I just think it would be so much more special with Phil Fulmer
    Black_Label: C'mon Jerry. Hey, didn't ya like Kevin O'neil?
    TheLegendJerryGreen: I replaced him so yeah
    Black_Label: How about Don Devoe? Surely you have no angst towards him either?
    Black_Label: K, I be out too. See ya guys.
    VolDave: Texas Aggies look like they are gonna beat nebraska
    MrTennessee: dang monte's d is getting owned
    Tnphil joined the chat 5 days ago
    Bobby Scott: LOL OSU 23 USC 7 osu about to score again
    VolDave: Hey phil, how's it hangin
    Tnphil: whats the U$C score
    Bobby Scott: 23-7 OSU
    Tnphil: I'm pissed off we looked like shit tonite
    Tnphil: thanks bobby
    Bill Morgan: OR St 1st and goal
    VolDave: We should have had 14 more if not for a stupid penalty by Malik and a horrible call on Stocker
    Bobby Scott: Just glad for the W, especially with the state of the program
    Tnphil: Stocker didnt look upset...must have occured early
    Bobby Scott: OSU, foolishly isn't letting clock run close to :00 before snapping ball
    MrTennessee: bahahhahaah
    Bobby Scott: TD OSU 29-7 5:50 left
    Tnphil: haw....Kiffy boy cant even beat O St...Haw
    VolDave: Stocker did use his arm to get separation phil, but the defender never made any attempt to play the ball
    Bill Morgan: Oregon State is breaking one off in Kiffin's ass
    VolDave: Aggie 9 Cornholers 6 with 3 minutes left
    Tnphil: I just thought something was up because stocked didnt react
    Tnphil: stocker
    Tim Irwin: Never be upset over a win
    OrangeIris: That's a game. Hope there's a big ole learning curve before next weel. Nite!
    VolDave: goodnight folks
    Bill Morgan: LMAO OR St went for 2
    Bobby Scott: No Dave, stay
    Tim Irwin: Don't leave Vol Dave, please
    MrTennessee: how many yards have the beavers busted on the trojans?
    Bobby Scott: Dave, stay man
    Mark Hovanic joined the chat 5 days ago
    Mark Hovanic: hello
    Mark Hovanic: I really enjoyed the game tonight
    Tim Irwin: Hi Mark how you been?
    Mark Hovanic: Great Tim, I love watching the big orange play
    Penn joined the chat 5 days ago
    Bill Shory joined the chat 5 days ago
    MrTennessee: uh oh...Bo Pelini gonna give the refs an earful
    MrTennessee: Nebraska had 16 penalties compared to the Aggies 2
    MrTennessee: and lost 6-9
    Bill Shory: Guys, we are going to do a story on the air about chat rooms, I need a couple volunteers
    Penn: After tonite i think we lose to KY Jelly
    Penn: Offensive line got whipped
    Penn: Mark do you think we could have beat KY tonight?
    Penn: This was Vanderbilt for god sake
    Mark Hovanic: We have won 25 in a row
    Bill Morgan: And another TD for OR St
    Penn: It wont e 26 unless we improve a hell of a lot
    Tim Irwin: Calm down Mark
    Penn: I can complain if I want to
    Mark Hovanic: I'll calm down as soon as these fans in here act like they have sense
    Penn: Better bury your head in the sand
    Tim Irwin: I Just love Phil Fulmer, I daydream about him all the time
    Bill Shory: Well this is boring, anyone know of more active rooms?
    Tim Irwin: Bill please do a story on my holding Fulmers dick in my hand while he pee pee's.
    Penn: Agree with you Bill. This room is pretty dead
    Bill Shory: I want to do a chat room story
    Penn: Tim, ask mark if you can hold Phil's pecked if you've never done it before
    Bill Shory: Mark will you spend 10 minutes with me later?
    Bobby Scott: We will beat Ky 49-0
    BillVol joined the chat 5 days ago
    Tim Irwin: I agree Bobby
    BillVol: Evening everyone
    Bobby Scott: hi bill
    BillVol: The pride of Rossville High School!
    Tim Irwin: Hi Bill
    Bill Shory: Hi
    BillVol: Tim is the pride of...Maryville High? Where did Tim go to HS?
    Tim Irwin: Roses are red violets are blue, We lost 6 games and I miss Phil too
    Bobby Scott: tim didn't play for maryville
    Bobby Scott: OSU run up the score on USC and Kiffin is mad
    bluetick: is osu sc over?
    Mark Hovanic was timed out 5 days ago
    volboy was timed out 5 days ago
    Bill Shory was timed out 5 days ago
    Tim Irwin was timed out 5 days ago
    Bobby Scott was timed out 5 days ago
    Bill Morgan was timed out 5 days ago
    BillVol joined the chat 2 days ago
    sgvolfan joined the chat 2 days ago
    sgvolfan: place not too crowded is it Bill?
    BillVol: hey
    BillVol: nah, don't guess anybody will show up tonight
    BillVol: looking forward to Sat though
    sgvolfan: ME too..hope we can wax uk
    sgvolfan: looks like I'm gonna miss first of this game..espn2 showing consulation game maui..
    BillVol: same here
    BillVol: I'm going to hang around here to see if anybody shows up
    sgvolfan: its tied mich st. & washington..our luck go to 4 or 5 overtimes
    BillVol: great. now a guy is hurt
    sgvolfan: neither one of these two teams look very good...havent scored in a week
    sgvolfan: Isn't that John Lucas's boy that is hurt?
    BillVol: don't know
    BillVol: mike's blog is terrible on the KNS
    BillVol: OT?
    BillVol: Bet he makes it
    BillVol: brick!
    BillVol: where do you live, sg?
    sgvolfan: kingsport
    BillVol: didn't know that
    BillVol: All right -- game time
    sgvolfan: finally..I watched a little on espn3...up and down the court
    sgvolfan: orange shoes
    NashvilleSkins joined the chat 2 days ago
    sgvolfan: stevie aint no guard
    BillVol: what do you think about the team's prospects this year?
    sgvolfan: will get better and better, but don't know how far they go. Lot depends on consistent play from both point guards. Scotty Hopson has to live up to his potential now or we won't go far.
    Del Griffith joined the chat 2 days ago
    sgvolfan: harris is the real deal..best freshman I've seen here in a while
    Del Griffith: Fresh Prince is in
    sgvolfan: hey del
    Del Griffith: hey guys
    sgvolfan: yep..we need a poll on Scotties hair-do...I vote cut it..
    Del Griffith: we played "guess that 80s celebrity" a few nights ago
    BillVol: hey del
    Del Griffith: is every single game going to be a hash of how UT will fare during the 8 games without Pearl and the other allegations?
    BillVol: fran ripping pearl
    BillVol: del, yes
    BillVol: BTW, what is the little arc under the hoop on the floor? What is it for?
    Del Griffith: these announcers need to find some shit to talk about
    sgvolfan: I'm listening to blob...and bert..
    sgvolfan: little arc is no charge zone..if you are in it when someone runs over you..tough shit..
    BillVol: interesting. wonder why they came up with that?
    sgvolfan: been in pro's a while..I like it, need the full sized one in college and high school
    Del Griffith: I was thinking that small arc was the area in the NBA where defenders can't stand for more than 3 seconds
    BillVol: full size?
    BillVol: del, I don' t think anybody can stand in the lane for more than 3 secs anyhow, right?
    sgvolfan: the bigger outer one is the pro one..the little one inside is for college..it's being tested for college in early tournaments. a defensive player can stay in the lane
    BillVol: So no 3 seconds in the lane anymore?
    BillVol: God I guess I've been out of the loop for too long
    Del Griffith: offensive yes, in the NBA you can have defensive 3 seconds
    drewdat joined the chat 2 days ago
    Del Griffith: so if a defender stays in too long, the offense gets a free foul shot then possession back
    BillVol: That's right, what am I thinking. I knew that.
    Del Griffith: i think it's considered a technical foul, but not like arguing
    Del Griffith: truly a "technical."
    sgvolfan: I thought the arc was only to help with charging calls under the basket...haven't watched much pro since they stopped playing teamwork in pros
    drewdat: I think the under the basket defender no-charge rule was new to both college and NBA
    drewdat: 5ish years ago
    Del Griffith: per the nba rulebook..."An offensive foul should never be called if the contact is with a secondary defensive player who has established a defensive position within a designated "restricted area" near the basket for the purpose of drawing an offensive foul. "
    Del Griffith: i have no idea about the ncaa
    drewdat: NBA decided to draw it, college decided to not enforce it since there's no way to tell without a line
    drewdat: now it's an experimental thing in the preseason tourneys
    sgvolfan: yea that's what I thought it was..the ncaa is just testing it, but they are using the little one thats dotted inside the big one. There's one at our arena now.
    drewdat: that was a foul on Cam
    BillVol: Didn't VCU knock us out of the NCAAs at one time?
    drewdat: don't think so
    Del Griffith: I think they knocked out Duke
    Del Griffith: 2 or 3 years ago
    drewdat: yeah, it was Duke
    sgvolfan: I think Lofton may have hit a last second shot to beat them...wasn't it wichita that beat us? or have I got the two backwards...
    Del Griffith: only reason I remember is my wife picked blue teams to Win, and Duke got blasted in the first round
    drewdat: Lofton beat Winthrop
    BillVol: that's it
    Del Griffith: Lofton's three was against Winthrop
    drewdat: then Wichita beat us
    Del Griffith: yeah
    drewdat: bad job by Hall
    drewdat: though that was fluky
    Del Griffith: weird to think that we've been to the tourney so many years in a row, I'm still not completely use to it
    BillVol: hard to believe
    BillVol: hope pearl survives it
    drewdat: Hall needs some bench
    sgvolfan: was Winthrop lofton beat not vcu
    BillVol: zone
    sgvolfan: oops sorry was looking it up when you posted it drew
    Del Griffith: I hope we beat the fuck out of VCU tonight, I was sick of hearing the talkingheads picking them all week to upset us
    drewdat: that was atrocious
    drewdat: wth Fields, the ball was 15 feet away
    sgvolfan: hell they think becuz pearl cant coach 8 sec games we can't beat vcu?
    TyCobb joined the chat 2 days ago
    Del Griffith: they were saying that Indy exposed us and gave teams some magic formula for beating us
    Del Griffith: the fact that game was preseason means nothing apparently
    drewdat: zone, it's not magic
    TyCobb: If we win this one , do we play tomorow or friday?
    drewdat: if the team is bad enough, we can grind it out, but zone games will be tough until we get a consistent shooter
    drewdat: friday, vs. villanova likely
    TyCobb: thanks
    sgvolfan: I said a while ago Scotty needs to get with the program..
    TyCobb: I feel like the confidence Hopson built up last year has led to an attitude change. He is now the vet and nobody is keeping him grounded like the upper classmen did last year
    TyCobb: He's try to do it all and failing
    drewdat: ref is explaining, could be a bad thing
    TyCobb: *trying
    drewdat: wow
    sgvolfan: I think you're right ty
    sgvolfan: Players need to keep mouths shut and let pearls fingers do the walking
    TyCobb: true
    drewdat: get fouled and lose a point in the process, pretty impressive
    Del Griffith: it just looks to me like we're still practicing in these early season games
    Del Griffith: and are more playing for the postseason.
    sgvolfan: looks like a charley horse or cramp
    sgvolfan: del right, he is still going deep on the bench
    drewdat: tobias is letting his man drive
    TyCobb: that was fugly
    sgvolfan: first year Pearl was coach no body shot a layup on us
    Del Griffith: that was fugly too
    drewdat: how does that happen with Brian Williams on the bench?
    drewdat: we missed like 4 consecutive from the paint
    drewdat: nice, cheap hand check
    TyCobb: I always feel like we are missing a piece of the puzzle. We never seem complete
    drewdat: what was that?
    sgvolfan: need to tear some rims down when we have the ball under basket..break some arms if they try to block it..
    drewdat: I think Golden just missed rim and hit the backboard, off to the right
    TyCobb: nice
    drewdat: cheap
    drewdat: we need to cut the stupid fould
    sgvolfan: not calling 3 seconds...wearing the hand checks out..
    drewdat: *fouls
    drewdat: we've put them on the line at least 3 or 4 times when they were no threat to score
    drewdat: was Tatum watching the game there?
    sgvolfan: We better hope Harris stays...
    sgvolfan: he got some mustard on that one..
    drewdat: there are contested threes, and then there are "no contest" threes
    TyCobb: you talking draft or transfer?
    sgvolfan: draft
    TyCobb: gotcha
    TyCobb: I still remember when he committed and they had the lady vols sign on espn
    sgvolfan: we can flat blow a lead can't we?
    TyCobb: sure can
    drewdat: at least VCU has some name recognition
    drewdat: they aren't very good, but this won't look terrible until late
    drewdat: Grambling 12, Vandy 4 early
    sgvolfan: we may even be over rated at #24 right now..
    drewdat: I think we're probably in that range
    drewdat: it's still early
    drewdat: we give away a lot of points
    sgvolfan: I think I would like the lineup and substitution pattern to get resolved...looks like he is flippin a coin to decide who to put in.
    drewdat: yeah
    sgvolfan: UK has some of those players a friend of mine from up there told me about. He said he was in the 8th grade and an out of the county team came to play them. He said they got off the bus all wearing overalls with full beards..lol
    drewdat: there's a second unit that shouldn't ever be on the floor together
    sgvolfan: uh huh
    drewdat: I really think one of Scotty or Tobias (maybe Cam) needs to be out there at all times
    drewdat: we had golden mcbee woolridge pearl hall/fields for a little bit
    sgvolfan: not a good combo in regard to experience and leadership
    drewdat: no options there, and the first change they made was to bring in goins, still no options
    sgvolfan: maybe swiperboy could dazzle them with some behind the back lyrics..
    drewdat: i did like when swiper ended up on their star PG and actually checked him for the possession
    drewdat: (unless they have other short Latino players on their roster, which would actually make more sense)
    drewdat: oh, game's back on
    drewdat: a minute and a half into the 2nd, no points... sounds like us
    drewdat: nice Scotty
    sgvolfan: As long as we win, it's a good thing to get as much playing time as possible for a lot of our second and third tier players.
    drewdat: OOB on J-Rod
    drewdat: wow, has he ever shot a jumper before?
    drewdat: looked like he was trying to play on Mars or something
    sgvolfan: they are killing us with offensive rebounds
    drewdat: Scotty again, please take it over
    sgvolfan: Hops needs to do that
    drewdat: BW, awful D
    sgvolfan: pick up brians jock out of the lane
    drewdat: nice move Scotty
    drewdat: blew the layup, but got the tip
    sgvolfan: no answer for Scotty.
    drewdat: finally
    drewdat: hope he drops 20+ in the second half
    sgvolfan: Never know when the $#!ta$$ is gonna show up do ya?
    ChattanoogaVol joined the chat 47 hours ago
    sgvolfan: 'sup chatt
    ChattanoogaVol: What has happened to th Brian Williams we saw in last year's NCAA tourney. He's a big puss again.
    sgvolfan: maybe he back on the green stuff
    sgvolfan: or maybe he is off the green stuff
    drewdat: it is weird
    ChattanoogaVol: Also, Kenny Hall has regressed. Our frontcourt, other than Tobias Harris, sucks. Fields is decent on the defensive end, but he sucks on the offensive end.
    drewdat: Childress always looked useful against the preconference schedule since that was his level, you'd think Brian could do the same based on height/size alone
    sgvolfan: Hopefully, Kenny just needs playing time...if BP will keep stevie on the bench long enuf to give him some
    ChattanoogaVol: Williams. Right on freakin que. Geez.
    drewdat: he should never foul at that spot on the floor, regardless of the situation
    RIW joined the chat 47 hours ago
    ChattanoogaVol: This team just doesn't hustle for rebounds.
    drewdat: weak, our bigs need to quit fouling
    sgvolfan: We need to get our hands up or all them rebounds are going by us
    ChattanoogaVol: Our bigs are reallly weak all the way around. Other than Tobias Harris.
    drewdat: there we go
    drewdat: we need that guy to foul out, he's abusing our posts
    drewdat: just 3 more
    ChattanoogaVol: I'm hoping this Maymon kid, who will be eligible to play in January, can bring something. I've heard he is more perimiter oriented though. That's too bad because he's like 6'6" 250
    drewdat: and they probably all have to be loose ball/offensive, since no one he guards is a threat
    sgvolfan: I was about to ask about the guy who would be eligible in JAN..has he been practicing withthe team..or is that another violation
    RIW: Hall needs enough PT to develop Only big with touch around the basket
    drewdat: I heard the NCAA found out that he ate barbecue as a child, ineligible for the season now
    lynchburgvol joined the chat 47 hours ago
    ChattanoogaVol: Hall looks so lost out there alot though. He turns it over to much to put him in there more than he is. He's a great athlete though.
    sgvolfan: New slive rule..no bbq underage of 16..
    drewdat: basically the Kanter situation
    ChattanoogaVol: Word up lynch.
    drewdat: Turkey is all about the BBQ
    ChattanoogaVol: Nice move by Golden.
    drewdat: Golden, wow
    drewdat: gross
    lynchburgvol: VCU looks a little bit like UT
    ChattanoogaVol: Uh oh. VCU is starting to hit their outside shots finally.
    drewdat: Hopson, face palm
    ChattanoogaVol: Why is it that we never seem to get to the loose balls? I think we lack hustle and intensity.
    drewdat: not sure about that goaltend, maybe
    sgvolfan: looked like a good pin to me.
    drewdat: first angle looked like it hit, second looked like a pin
    ChattanoogaVol: Noticed the chick announcer said the word "toughness" regarding one of the VCU players. I don't think we have one player you would use to describe with that word.
    lynchburgvol: I posted on the board, who will be the center for UT next year when BW and Fields leave?
    drewdat: I don't believe Frischilla about it being above the rim
    RIW: that goal tend call was total BS You can block it against the board
    sgvolfan: 3 on him
    drewdat: if it's still rising above the rim, I don't think it matters
    ChattanoogaVol: Frischillas is a dick.
    drewdat: after it hits, sure
    sgvolfan: 4 fouls on theus. is that reggies boy?
    drewdat: that shot is not swiper's game
    ChattanoogaVol: God almiighty. Woolridge with the air ball.
    lynchburgvol: woolridge has been a big disappointment
    sgvolfan: from 4 feet
    RIW: VCU knows how to get position our guys in the post don't
    drewdat: T him up ref
    ChattanoogaVol: Nice rebound by Hopson followed by a great pass from Golden to Pearl for the layup.
    drewdat: look forward to that being a T next year when NCAA follows NBA's lead
    sgvolfan: beating them down the court is how we got the lead in first half..then quit running and blew it
    drewdat: nice D
    ChattanoogaVol: Good D there.
    lynchburgvol: good d
    drewdat: although 11 on the clock is not a big deal
    drewdat: maybe in the women's game
    lynchburgvol: who is this chick?
    ChattanoogaVol: Big puss Brian Williams. Good Lord man!
    drewdat: Doris Burke
    drewdat: nice tip, finally Williams does something
    ChattanoogaVol: Williams redeems himself.
    RIW: Brian needs Wayne down low to take the heat
    sgvolfan: doris puke is what i call her..she is a ut hater, esp lady vols
    drewdat: good look by McBee, but Tatum was miles under the basket, I'm impressed he got close
    ChattanoogaVol: How many freaking fouls will these refs call? Geez. Both teams getting everything called. Well, maybe not. Pearl just got clocked.
    drewdat: elbow
    sgvolfan: bob said pearl got it in the nose..pearl fouled him with his nose.
    drewdat: why wouldn't that be an elbow?
    ChattanoogaVol: Can they go to the TV to check it?
    drewdat: they are, I guess
    ChattanoogaVol: Doesn't look flagrant?
    RIW: One more reason to turn down the sound TV AND radio scew'em
    drewdat: should be a personal
    drewdat: if they can do that
    sgvolfan: checking to see if flagrant foul...looks like it may have been accidental except for the little extra wrap around with his hand at the end
    ChattanoogaVol: Agree sgv
    sgvolfan: bob actually did say it was on the vcu guy...
    ChattanoogaVol: Double foul? WTF
    lynchburgvol: it didn't seem to be flagrant to me
    drewdat: that's horrible
    ChattanoogaVol: Pearl did NOTHING. Bullshitt!
    lynchburgvol: how can it be a double foul?
    RIW: pointus interuptus
    drewdat: we didn't even get FTs
    ChattanoogaVol: Pearl with some hustle!
    drewdat: why call anything, honestly
    drewdat: foul
    ChattanoogaVol: How in God's name was THAT a double foul? Complete bullshitt.
    sgvolfan: amen
    ChattanoogaVol: Goins for 3
    drewdat: looked like Williams got pushed
    sgvolfan: looks like they pissed off the big orange
    lynchburgvol: nice little run here
    ChattanoogaVol: VCU just shoots everything.
    drewdat: lol
    drewdat: BW, throw it down... OK, maybe not
    ChattanoogaVol: Williams! Redeems himself again. Nice to see.
    RIW: did anybody that Joey's got a lot family in NY?
    sgvolfan: like to see cam get on one of his hot 3 pt streaks..vcu is gassed
    ChattanoogaVol: We need to bring back Harris and Hopson and start running and gunning right now. VCU is on the ropes. They are tired.
    lynchburgvol: i wondered if vcu was going to give out late in the second half
    RIW: know..shit
    sgvolfan: i was big as bw i would stuff the friggin ball down the goal and if someone had a hand on it, i would stuff it too..
    drewdat: yep
    lynchburgvol: damn
    ChattanoogaVol: VCU has zero half court game. All they do is shoot 3's.
    drewdat: why push it to pearl, by himself against 2 or 3?
    sgvolfan: need to get stevie out of there
    ChattanoogaVol: At least Pearl tries. I guess.
    drewdat: McBee slow there
    lynchburgvol: damn squared
    ChattanoogaVol: NICE move by Tatum thre.
    drewdat: nice move Tatum
    sgvolfan: got fresh legs coming in to finish them off
    ChattanoogaVol: PEARL!!!
    lynchburgvol: nice
    drewdat: wow, McBee and Pearl run the break?
    RIW: Finga' roll!
    drewdat: ended way better than expected
    ChattanoogaVol: BRICK
    drewdat: better D by McBee
    ChattanoogaVol: VCU just plays WAY too much one on one.
    sgvolfan: vcu is 14 of 53 from field
    drewdat: nice board, we got a loose ball!
    sgvolfan: nba 3 point attempt
    lynchburgvol: agree, vcu has shot the ball terribly tonight
    ChattanoogaVol: I'm seeing some hustle now. Pearl's kid makes a difference in that department.
    RIW: who the hell is Doris...again???
    sgvolfan: he does hustle. just wish he could handle the ball and shoot..would be really sweet player
    ChattanoogaVol: Anybody see Duke last night? I think they may be better than last year. That Kyrie Irving kid is special.
    sgvolfan: doris burke..or doris puke..ESPN announcer and fan of UCONN
    drewdat: loved when she said self-imposed penalties are disingenuous
    drewdat: i guess ignoring it is better?
    sgvolfan: she is a f*****g know it all
    RIW: KY commercial = vested interest = NCAA blind eye
    drewdat: Zagoria - "Classy VCU fans. Steven Pearl falls face first on court and one yells, "Get up, there's a BBQ at your house."
    sgvolfan: UCONN is up for investigation by NCAA for making over 300 illegal phone calls...haven't heard about that on ESPN tho have you?
    Bill Morgan joined the chat 47 hours ago
    ChattanoogaVol: LOL! The Heat are getting beat. Again.
    sgvolfan: screw ya billl
    Bill Morgan: This is Bill Morgan just this side of Maynardville.
    sgvolfan: hell yeah
    sgvolfan: bout time
    Bill Morgan: Maybe later sg, but you have to buy me some drinks first
    ChattanoogaVol: Damn
    sgvolfan: what's your pleasure Bill...vodka?
    Bill Morgan: Why is Skyler McWhite ever in the game?
    RIW: THAT was a BLOCK
    ChattanoogaVol: Woolride. Sigh....................​.....
    lynchburgvol: has woolridge ever made a shot?
    drewdat: countdown to 73: Heat only need to go 65-3 now
    drewdat: not counting tonight
    sgvolfan: goodone bill..McWhite. I like it.
    ChattanoogaVol: Oh no. "More on Bruce Pearl when we come back to MSG". I swear, you would think Pearl was paying players or something. Talk about overreaction. Geez.
    Bill Morgan: No shit CV
    lynchburgvol: speaking of bbq threads.....I wonder what kind Pearl likes best?
    Bill Morgan: All he did was feed some hungry boys a grilled kosher hot dog.
    sgvolfan: Ridgewood BBQ is the best
    BillVol: had to break away. score?
    ChattanoogaVol: Kids gotta eat Bill. Kids gotta eat.
    lynchburgvol: ridgewood in elizabethton?
    Bill Morgan: Telll them BP
    sgvolfan: you got it Lynchburg
    BillVol: Ole Pearl could sell a you know what to a you know what
    lynchburgvol: i use to live in stoney creek....now in virginia
    Bill Morgan: Bruce is a thirsty sum bitch
    sgvolfan: I'm in Kingsport
    ChattanoogaVol: Somebody put a fucking muzzle on Doris Burke. For God sakes.
    BillVol: 57-46
    Bill Morgan: Doris burke should be diving for muff.
    BillVol: How have we looked?
    sgvolfan: damn..shoot a layup
    ChattanoogaVol: Harris was fouled there. No call.
    lynchburgvol: espn hopes the ncaa ass rapes pearl
    Bill Morgan: BS cal
    Bill Morgan: l
    sgvolfan: bet doris drives a subaru
    BillVol: Did see some highlights of Harris. Great
    ChattanoogaVol: Playing out of control. I'd take a TO here.
    Bill Morgan: fack
    sgvolfan: some people don't think espn has an agenda against UT...but they do
    lynchburgvol: damn, vcu runs hot and cold like ut
    drewdat: here we go
    ChattanoogaVol: Shut up Doris.
    BillVol: Why is Burke even on the air? Three people calling a game?
    sgvolfan: we ok..just need to get 00 out of there..send him to locker room to write some poetry or shit
    Bill Morgan: I bet when Doris burps it smells like fish tacos.
    lynchburgvol: doris needs to put one orf pearl's kosher dogs in her mouth
    ChattanoogaVol: Trae Golden back in.
    sgvolfan: she would never have anything shaped like a dog in her mouth..put it on a taco
    drewdat: come on
    Bill Morgan: Nice shot Swiper
    ChattanoogaVol: Woolridge with ANOTHER brick.
    lynchburgvol: perfect, woolridge for 3
    sgvolfan: he's out of there now
    ChattanoogaVol: Woolridge takes a seat.
    Bill Morgan: Woohoo...Skyler is back
    lynchburgvol: woolridge, aka brick james
    drewdat: my god
    ChattanoogaVol: God McBee is slow.
    Bill Morgan: fuck me
    drewdat: they wanted Scotty to make that
    drewdat: BW forcing it
    ChattanoogaVol: We are SO out of control. Bruce needs to whip some ass.
    BillVol: uh oh
    Bill Morgan: He walked
    drewdat: we got a break
    drewdat: timeout please
    sgvolfan: blew yet another double digit lead..
    BillVol: Steve Pearl -- just don't know
    drewdat: maybe TV will take one since Bruce won't
    Bill Morgan: sweet
    ChattanoogaVol: Nice drive by Hopson.
    drewdat: nice move Hop
    drewdat: we'd be fine if he could finish more than 50%
    Bill Morgan: Dam Tobias
    ChattanoogaVol: Touch foul on Tobias Harris. BS.
    BillVol: From what you all have seen, what will Tobias's role be on the team?
    lynchburgvol: these refs suck
    BillVol: Star player?
    sgvolfan: skylar is on that guy like white on rice..lol
    ChattanoogaVol: Well Bill, IMO he needs an even bigger role. He is easily our best player.



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